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The Climb - Miley Cyrus piano and guitar covers

finally finally! its here people! its here! * singing finally from fergie *
i have succeed on uploading the important videos!

this is it! fazra fazra! cheers for you babeh! and hope this'll help you to sleep tonight -__-" haha

and najwa, i know you love this song kan? :) where are you anyway, dh lama x tgk u update blog -_-"

this is the piano version.

while this one * pointing the below *, is the GUITAR version. * heaven's humming *

* trumpet of victory! *

edited: please vote for which one you think is much better, guitar or piano version.

amboi, ada ada je dgn sound effects dia -_-"
hehe aduh, sah aku mmg rindu giler dgn kakya skrg :(

jojot! this is my dedication to you for still being at matrix -_-"
haha i miss u honey comel :)

and ofcourse, i wouldn't even start this video without you fazra :D
so comment comment! jgn x comment! haha XD


- next post; gabebondocgabebondocgabebondocgabebondoc
stay tune for the next post, you'll find out who is this gabe bondoc, mesti korg dh pening kan? haha

-congrats zaki for getting matrix.
hope you'll do well there.
i wish you all the best.

-got another offer, had to turn it down. pfft -_-"

-don't ask what i want to be, cause all i want to be, is to be ME.
and only me. so WHAT IS ME?
can you answer that for me? pfft

-this is a secret, but i baru je mandi -_-"
haha hah! ade org pikir bukan2 hahah XD
saje je test korg :P

-mama masak spaghetti!!! weee XD

- i had another dream.
it was sweet, but bitter. and again, si DIA dalam tu.
argh!!! why am i always being suck by these big black holes!
can't i for once! have a decent happy ending ? :(

-i wish i have an amnesia -_-"
no no, not that kind that forgots one minute and remember all again.
the PERMANENT one, when you get into and accident kinda thingy?
yeah thats the one -_-"

i know, its weird, but thats how i feel right now.
just want to feel reborn again :D haha
mesti susah kan -_-"
but what the heck? :)

ps; " I'm still alive but i'm barely BREATHING "


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Sunday, June 14, 2009 12:23 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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