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pull myself together and play yiruma- river flows in you

just a quick update.

and ofcourse, i miss you too fazra ;)

so technically my life is getting more suckish -er than ever.
but lately there has been massive signs everywhere.

i mean, like today, suddenly meet the robbinsons was on disney tonight.
and i swear to god, that story even though it has TONS of fantasies and illogical stuffs,
it actually builds up ur confidence.

i mean, it has so many good moral values in it.
and who doesn't like a good moral value story, kan kan? :P

one of the quote i took from the scripts;

" You messed it up yourself. You just focus on the bad stuffs, when all you had to do is ..
let go of the past and keep. moving. forward. "

i admit. i haven't been strong enough to let go of the past.
no, actually, i'm not strong at all to let go of the past.
yeah, i know. eventhough you're not gonna read this since you're probably caught up with your life right now, but still ... i'm sorry ..

i'm just tired feeling all blue and down and like i have no reason to live.
i mean, life is already suckish as it is, i think i don't need to make it more worst with all these feelings. lol

sure, i'm stress. yes i am. but that just mean i deserve to be happy. kan kan? :P

so, for once, dgn kepala penuh dgn stress skrg ni, i'm trying to be happy.
i'm sorry farhah, i should have enjoy my time with you just now.

i mean, crap. i still think about my problems when i'm cracking my head off with you XD

ADUUUUUHHH kenapa aku menyimpang ni!

sebenarnyer nk post bende ni!

reminder! its just a preview, not a full song. LOL

liyana is like my piano mate at yamaha music academy.
and we kinda lost contact for 3 years and all of a sudden, like,
one day i was playing this song while waiting for my teacher in my classroom, she heard it and bust into the room screaming " omg! its twilight right??! "

and i turn around, and hell we did alot of scream -__-"

so yeah, i'm kinda like teaching her how to play this song.

omg! i actually promise to tell you guys about gabe bondoc -_-"

hehe, for those who are like addict to youtube and loves to listen to people doing covers songs,
ofcourse mesti korg kenal siapa gabe bondoc.

this guy might not be a phenomenal to the world, but to me

but cnt talk now, too busy -_-"
but hope you guys love the preview.

oh and fazra! already did the throwdown! haha

um agak malu ar -_-"

dun worry, i'll probably post it by end of this week, so keep glue-ing to my blog ;)


- tu la! tangguh2 lagi keje, kan skrg mcm tgh giler -_-"
ape yg ko nk jwb dgn pn devasara hah? -_-"

-argh!! pening pening pening!!
dh pukul 3 pagi! mati aku! -__-"

-zaki, i lied.
i need you, pronto :(
and pn devasara is dissapointed in you -_-"
we all are LOL
jk, we just missed you, thats all.

ps; " It is so hard to find someone that could actually commit to you,
but it is so easy for us to throw our life just to commit TO THEM.
kan? "

Fasya Funny

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 11:57 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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