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i'm not having h1n1 la and i'm not crying, NOT YET. aiyoo

an old saying " jangan gelak banyak sangat, nanti nangis. "

i once asked the first person who told me that * kakya, i miss you :( *

" nangis? nangis in a bad way or good way? kan kdg2 kita gelak smpi ternangis? its that what the old ppl mean? "

she said it was in a bad way.

till this very day, i believe in that saying *i always say this saying at every end of my laugh moments* yet i am trying to prove that the saying is wrong.

weird? i know. but thats me.

everyday, every time i laugh. i always say to myself, don't laugh too much, cause you're gonna cry in the end.

and eventually i did.
but i did try to fight it.
i guess emotions are really dangerous.

thats why " don't take it personally. " saying comes along.

why am i babble-ing this at my blog?

because i had too much laughs today. not that i haven't in these past few weeks.
if you know me well, i laugh everyday. even when there is nothing to laugh about, i laugh because there isn't.

so apparently i'm waiting for the moment that i'll eventually breakdown to tears now.

but that doesn't mean i WANT to cry.

i DON'T want to.

i've cried too much. and i think, ... em.. i think...

i just think i'm tired of crying.

i mean, i really want to prove that the saying is wrong.

i want to be able to laugh everyday, alot, no matter how much or TOO much regardless of what
ppl might say of me, * yes i might look crazy but as long as i'm having fun, I DON'T care of what you think. *

and not cry at the end of that day.

yes, there will always be rainy days. but... i don't want my life to be.. no, my life OF HAPPINESS to be limited because of some silly old saying.

we would cry soon, i WOULD.

i would cry now. but that doesn't mean i can't laugh all i want.

there are reasonable times to be serious and there times to enjoy and.. to feel ALIVE.. right?
i want to LIVE my life. not... go with life...


em.. what's really funny right now, my eyes are like burning now, and in any minutes if one slight mistake, i might cry.

and my nose are already runny and my throat are soring like hell and i can't even sing properly which really stress me out the most.

and NO people, i'm not getting the VIRUS. pfft
seksyen 2 is CLEAN. i think lol -_-"

and no, i'm not crying YET.

huh, i don't know what to say anymore.
not that i don't have any idea, there so many, i'm just thinking everything is not related that this post will not make sense at the end of it -__-"


i need, something to pull me up. to pinch or punch or slap in my face, at least SOMETHING, to wake me up and tell me STOP LIVING IN MY COMFY DREAMLAND!

and no, saying this doesn't help at all.

HONESTLY, i miss the people who would scream and yell at me " HOI! mkn ubat skrg. " " HOI! jgn mkn bende pedas. " HOI! jgn minum air sejuk. "

i swear to God, i hate nosy people but these people LOVE ME SO MUCH. thats why their being bosy and nosy in every single slight thing of me.

and God, do i miss them hell now.

i just want to hear them say those words. thats all. haha

argh! i can't even think straight right now.

-unfair. so unfair. why am i always in the same situation?

- jaya, why you have to edit ALL the pics -_-"

when i meant i want all the pics, i meant IN THE ORIGINALS LA
ofcourse you edited it nicely and all but..
i mean, i love pics in its originality la.
its much more preeeetier that way.
DUDE theres two T la dlm pretty 0_0

- gjie is going, but i'm not crying. weird -_-"
gjie, that means we're so gonna see each other again.


-i have infected christopher with my flu! muahaha
wait thats.. a bad thing right? -_-"

- i love him. and i'll always will. SO?
tak faham2 lagi ke?

ps; " There's no such thing as fairy tale, princess. "


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:13 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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