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yeah yeah i noe. da last post was incomplete. i get it.

well i'm juz too tired these days. like yesterday i wrote one post that only ave da title n it is saved in my draft wiv an empty post. lol well to be honest wiv u, i'm feeling tired rite now. i feel like i aven't ave enuf sleep. heck i dun tink i slept at all! lol

so ok dis is how my week goes;

monday 28/7: i dun quite remember how school went. but all i noe i was too shuhana buat lawak dlm kelas. :D for da first time in class i am enjoying history wiv pn shuhana. haha and cikgu syed comel seyh. haha i was about to go to the toilet wiv lala while there is no teacher in class. n suddenly he was like running from downstair, squeaking at us when we were going out. haha aww cute. ily cikgu :) school was ok. until it stroke 1.20.jeng jeng jeng 0,0.haha dramatic much. well i'm not complaining actlly. i'm juz expressing n telling u how it goes. ok, here goes; zaki had a big prob wiv his fren. BIG DOT. dun wanna elaborate on dat. n ur rite lala, sum must take and sum must give.tq for being there for me. :') oh n afta dat me and zaki stayed bak until 5 sumfing. and we had a blast. wiv da company of shahril(my evil brothainlaw), iqhwan :) and last but not least, azalea. well she wasnt there for dat long. but still, hey we had fun togava :') and tusyen was da bomb. for da second time i enjoy my tusyen wiv mr aru. :D and for da first time he said he is proud of me! :D now dat is sweet closure! oh wiv a touch of nitey nite call wiv moosy. :)

tuesday 29/7: dun quite remember dis one. oh wait a fight wiv les fab pfft i was a dumb ass big time. sorry les fab! well wtv it is, we forgive and forget. and learn from it. and sumone told me" da world doesnt revolve around u" actully it came from me. but wut da heck. :) hehe xoxo my love! and for the fourth time or was it fifth? lol zaki was sent home by his soon-to-be mother inlaw. haha soon la sgt! :D ur getting fond wiv my family arent u sweetheart? ;) funny notes; i made jwa day! lol well not really it was zaki's childhood photo did. haha p/s: cute!

wednesday 30/7: u see by the way i bolded dis n italic n colour it in red. it is b'coz actually monthiversary wiv zacky wacky! wait. i told dis b4 on my last post. doi. haha and actually i was kinda dissapointed after knowing he won't be wiv me celebrating it. plus i was stayin bak wiv tini b'coz she is staying bak to meet up wiv acip ( her bf!!! :D happily ever after gurl. believe in urself n love!). lol my words got all tangled up ain't it? well wtv it is, da dissapointment dat i felt was waste actually cuz moose end up stayin bak after all. ngeh hehe oh n i get to play wiv kitties at sharil's house until i was left by zaki at his house. thnk god nufing happen! :D and yes i admit, u look hot in dat awesome longsleeve shirt. :P we had a love story in front of giant ( again :D) and baskin robbins is a must for da monthiversary. cuz da last time we had our 'monthiversary' it was at baskin robbins. i still keep da resit and the tissue :D hey its not a dirty tissue. he wote sumfing on it. :) maybe i'll show it in da next post of love. :D pralines n cream! :D sorry queeny cuz u were fasting at dat time :D i can still taste da sweet sweet taste of sweet pecan in my mouth.. em em! :P yet anotha day wiv great closure. :D still da beginning was kinda sucks. well actually not suck. its juz dat we had dis cermh by dis one ustaz n he tell da story of wut Nabi Muhammad S.A.W saw during da Mikraj. n it was damn frightening ; golongan yg menghentak kepala ke batu hingga pecah dan bercantum semula dan adegan tu berulang hingga kiamat ( ini golongan yg meninggalkn solat fardhu) n i ain't elaborate on dat more. -_-" thou it was from dat moment...or maybe not, dat i decided to wear scarf whenever i go. permanent. and i mean it. :) zaki was da first to know. :) oh funny notes; ppl laugh when they say me wearing specs damn it. can't wait to get my own contact lens. still begging for dat thou.

thursday 31/7: est ceramah! at last! and i was scared dat time when i tot da ceramah was after school. we ended up having it at 8.20 till 10.20. y i'm scared? haha cuz it was da bonuslink day at subang parade! :D meaning shopaholic time babeh! LOL tropicana life had an anniversary sale ( yes zaki i admit. lol) and it was 20% sale on all item including new arrival. n VoIr *its pronouce as vu-ar! pfft mama oh mama* had a 50% off till 70%. so cool! ofcos i bought sumfing. :D we shopped from 2.30 till 11 o'clock. haha :D and during da time i was bored waiting for my bro and dad to make their choices ( my mum has to accompany us one by one! mama is our hero! ^^) , i went crazy wiv my lil bro, izzat as i hold da greatest thing eva. zaki's camera!!! haha zaki, nk gmbr! :D oh i forgot to mention. it was a historical moment for our class, 5 science 2 dat pn normah didn't came to class! like.. woah! she was da last teacher to be knwn as not coming to class n teach us. XD still we love u pn normah. we always do :D funny notes; ppl keep staring at me when i came in da hall for da est ceramah. coz i was wearing specs. fish commented after recess asking " mane specs nenek?" darn it.

friday 1/8: alhamdulillah. straight 5 days wivout getting late. :) hope dis week will be da same. school was fine. nufing interesting except for da fact i got praised by pn norani. it was one word thinker game. she ask us to thin of one word dat maybe wuv come up in essay exams n we ave to think points dat we wud elaborate on da one word. i end up wiv "guilty". dunno y i had dat word stuck up in my head. wtv. n afta school, zaki was going to leave me n i make dat face ( da face dat always win zaki's heart dat he won't leave me) hehe :D sorry. u were mad. i noe u were. i'm sorry. thx for da hugs n kisses. needed it so much! oh n tini. plsssss stop thinking all dat nonsense! believe in urself will ya! dun waste ur happiness on da sadness dat already past! we luv u oh so much! :) hem. during da evening i went to school. got alil bit conflict wiv my bro. hehe sorry along. n then i did da board for tini's bday. :D can't wait for her burday celebration. n oh yeah my eldest bro burfday was on da 1st august. so when i came bak, my bro wake me up from da 2 hours sleep n said we were going to manhattan fish. lol went out again for da straight 2 days. like lol! i was already damn tired afta all da shopping. oh well mkn pon mkn la. at least i ave new experience in food. :D funny notes; nitey nite call wiv moosey is such a great closure.:

saturday 2/8: yesterday was pros n cons. haha went to da library. zaki waited for me like 30 minutes. or was it more? X) sorry luv! da starting was already sucks. n i already knew da upcoming is gonna get more grosser. zaki went home early cuz of his family want to go to da pc fair. kinda sad+heart crashing. lol but still i am glad dat u still came through juz for me. :) thx. ily ahmad zaki bin ahmad zuber. had crazy wild fun wiv shahril (evil brothainlaw :D) ok ok ur asking y i call him evil. cuz he is! haha luv ya bro. we are happy family u,zaki n i. :) 3 notes of shahril being crazy : 1. he babbled so much dat da ice cube dat he tried to eat end up falling into places n yeah it attract ppl big time! :D 2. he talks to a chair. " zaki. we need u ( touched a chair beside us.)" lol 3. oh yeah i remember da third one! lol sorry zaki. :D da third one= he is a freaking weird guy who ate chewing gum spearmint+mentos. lol! now u got brain freeze dun cha? :D and at nite my old bestfren for da old days came to my house. she moved to kemuning. so we aven't see each other for ages lorh! and everyfing wasn't even planned. she came to my house juz b'coz she was around da corner wiv her family b'coz there was an invitation from their old neighbour. n my parents came home from cuzin's birthday wiv a lot of homemade pizza( pizza hut la sgt mama! -_-") cool! luv u babe! u hyper-ed my nite. i was like damn tired. :D funny notes; yet anotha sweet nitey nite call wiv my moosey. :) ily n i really do. always there to comfort me. well almost. :D haha

sunday 3/8: da boringest of my life. yet interesting alil. tini called n we babbled; she said how lucky i am to ave zaki and vice versa. tini! u are also lucky to ave acip! everybody who get da chance to be wiv sumone dat they luv is lucky. remember dat luv! :D n sorry moosey. i didn't mean to do dat. ofcos i call u cuz i miss u. not b;coz of dat. even if dat asshole didn't bother me, i wud still be calling u. forgive me will ya? :) ily oh so much! haha i ate so much today, tortilla,homemade pizza from last nite,ayamas and kuey teow ( my fav!). lol n yet neva miss a great nite wivout a phone call from kiki. hehe xnk la. nk panggil sumfing dat nobody eva calls u. my world. ey? dh ke? ala! darn about my life? lol thou shall fear my wrath!! lol o o. 0_0 i am so aving... da zaki allergies! help me! :D funny notes; plss hold me tite!!! cuz it's already 3 o'clock n i'm still not sleeping! >_^

haha well i guess dats it. my overall. such long post. wonder anyone wud eva want to read it. i noe sumone dat wud. hehe muah! luv u oh so much!


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