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one of da weirdest yet greatest day! tribute to tinot

i've got tons of weirdest day. haha n it all started out..hem.. b'coz of him. i guess. haha see how u brightens my day amour? hehe


tini! i've bolded ur date ok! so i shud be appreciated for dis. haha jk honey. u know i luv u oh so much. hey hey wuts wiv da crying. i noe i noe u were really touched by all da celebration. no crying on ur birthday k hun? ;) we luv u oh so much. n so does 'he'. :D n i'm sorry for da hectic start. i really am. it almost fall over places. but in de end it work rite? alhamdulillah. even if it is already past, i still wanna wish u happy belated birthday kartiniizreen. BIG DOT. haha ok ok might as well state my speech here.


u too noe rite dat i luv u too? u were da first person to see me crying at 9. haha u took me in n made me feel home beside u. u fight for me, always do. n guess wut? i'm fighting for u too. :) ppl say dat time is not da measurement (astaga! masuk lak bab physics! XD) of how deep da friendship is. well they are rite. even if its just been for awhile, we ave gone through alot; up n down. n i mean really down! haha but hey. dats da process of bonding(chem!!! :D) and luving each other. the more we fight, the more we noe. so lets fight! haiya! :D lol i'm serious. haha

but wuts in past, let it be in the past k. if its a good thing, lets cherish it. but if its da other way around, forgive,forget... move on! lets look forward to da future n make history out of history! XD jom gi double date agi! haha oh i masih x kesempatan nk swimming. can't wait for da genting higlands plan. :D oh sleepover at my new house. ugh byk nyer plan! XD kita bergumbira slps spm. but for now. lets chill wiv books all over us. haha n honey, dun let da past overcome ur faith in love. believe in love. if u r afraid of de outcome, how u gonna face the world? but u noe wut, if u really fall, dun worry, ur not alone my dear. we'll fall togeva! :D *hugs

now enuf wiv all da lovey dovey and touchy feeling. :D i didn't sleep at all da day b4 tini's bday. so i might be cranky dat time my dear. haha i slept through da whole school session lak. during assembly,sleep. addmaths,sleep. sej? sleep. haha the only time i didn't sleep. hem...recess! :D but after recess i got a lil bit boost. by zaki. hehe thx amour! i cudnt even walk. to be honest wiv u..i cudn't even think n see straight. but i juz strengthen myself n keep my self strong.. ugh..tough day...and i'm so sorry teacher syed! waa i cudn't believe i slept in ur class. :( n its not very nice of u to similarate me n dat astroboy anime. i do not look like dat file! lol u guys must ave no idea wut i am talking about. XD n then during bio pn shamsinar(is dis how u spell her name? ugh i dunno -_-") enter da class to inspect pn alena.y can't dat teacher smilled for a sec. i mean "sincerely" ofcos. doi. wtv new scoop, his son getting more stylish by day. mucho transformation from nerd to hotstuff(well almost) haha. i still remember da first day of school bumping to him. he doesn't smiles alot does he? like mother like son. lol ops! scooping too much! :D

afta school. we prepared to celebrate tini's bday at secret recipe. we went to da mall to change our school clothes ( ain't no way i'm gonna celebrate in it!) got alil bit conflict b4 dat. huh guess we can't run from jealousy. but its not jealousy dat takes control of me. da feeling of left out, misplaced. u know? not knowing where u really are. i juz dun wanna felt wut i felt bfore. not dat i'm afraid of it, heck i've been through it loads of time. i juz dun wanna get lost in my own world. i've lost once. n i'm still trying to find my way bak. i wudn't want to get lost while i'm trying to find it. plus i'm happy being protected n cared by les fabs,farhah and my family. i like it juz da way it is. i noe.. life has to have ups n downs.heh guess nufing ever be what u want. but i'm grateful for it. thnk you for all da ppl dat ave been there for me. i'll remember it till i die. :)

and to da ppl dat is trying to destroy me, yeah you do dat. try ur best shot. it ain't gonna work. cuz ur in my territory. n thousands of 'guards' are protecting my castle. try to break down da walls, it'll bakfire n u'll fall instead. try bend my knees, i'll bend ur underestimation. :D


i'm sorry for being such a foolish, it isn't rite for u to be treated dat way. as ur worth more than golds and diamonds. u are my everyfing. its ok. i understand. friends is ur assets. so i'm gonna say dis sentence once again. n i really mean it juz as much i mean it when i first said it.

i don't need to be ready to lend a hand to you when you need it b'coz i'm holding it. all you need to do is juz grab on to me when u need me.

:D so be happy with whoever. pls do! or i'll be sad. but dun ever think ur alone, coz i'm always there for you.

actually there is more to me on dis date. tini dpt penghargaan lak. darn it. but it's a secret between me,zaki n les fab. ;) rite guys? les fab + z = <3>
thx mior,meno,namer,izzul for completing the day. :D lps ni kite pegi bukit cerakah sama2 k ;)
acip. hem haha congrats. jage tini elok2! :D
dan and shahril, u guys make me day. thx. u guys cool!
lala, jage diri bebaik! tu la sms dgn org tu x ingat dunia. kn dh sakit. :D n queeny. seriously! we ave to do make over sumday togeva! us les fabs! u look sizzling hot! :D

queeny made a dare. n finally! a kiss from acip to tini n vice versa. eleh elh malu2 plak. :P
again, a ride from ur mother inlaw kan zaki? hehe sakit ati korg berkomplot kenekn i! XP xpe xpe. hehe
n tusyen was ok i guess. except for da fact sumbody seems like doesn't wanna share 'her' reference book wiv me. heh! dun care. one day if i ave da chance, i'm gonna talk straight to her. one day, pls come soon! n note to self: start studying! nnt kene tanyer dgn mr aru! :D

n yet again, another great closure wiv nitey nite call wiv moosy love. thnk god i called da second time. :D such a hectic day kn syg? funny notes; do not let dan the gay near my boyfriend again!!!!!!


school ok.lala didn't came n gjie had her drama from recess untill da end of school. so there was only three of les fabs. bored during est. cikgu syed x dtg! ish3. mlm2 boleh on9 myspace lak. :D

formula for the lotus eater : He Will Never Find Agony. h for assunta's Husband, w for thomas Wilson, n for Narrator, f for Friend, a for Assunta. got it during english keyword work.
waa x siap agi h/w bio! X)
after school was da best. even if i ave to wait, but still, its worthwhile. seriously. XD oh bahagianyer ku. haha ur such a focus person my anata. u can't even see me at da cantin. so cute! at least i get da chance to admire u again. n u wanna noe y i like to admire u from far? cuz dats when i see who u really r. da same thing when i first met u. :)

and at last! ur ym works! wee! :D buzz! :D again, a great happily ever ending wiv nitey nite call by moose. n seriously, i luv dat sexy voice. not da fake one. da first one. god falling over n over again! 0.0 hehe well i think dats it. can't wait to go to bed! eh i mean sleep. haha :D u ave no idea wut i'm talking about. n dats juz da way i want it to be. cuz he is da only one who knows! XD

funny notes; shiny nails are so gay for guys! for god sake! even dan doesn't polish his nail zaki! 0.0 fish is nuts!


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