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school can be nice n cool sumtimes

i'm happy. BIG DOT

:D i am i am i am i am i am. yet another best weirdest day ever. it started nice yet even if there ppl dat try to make me feel very down, heh les fabz is there for me. yes. les fabz ppl. additional z there. lol n to pn zalma, happy birthday. it only came once a year teacher. even if u dun read my blog, haha i juz wanna say i'm very grateful to get to know u n ave u as my teacher. :)
oh n happy birthday farahin! :D

byknyer birthday org dis month! -_-" pening den. xpe la. dat means dis month cud be a great month. month full of birth celebration. :D

my days gets weirder by da day yet.... i'm very happy. v v v. oh wait i already said dat. lol sorry la!
gjie! thx 4 da praise. dat really make my day. well actually its da other way around haha. i'm like making ppl day today. pfft wut am i babbling. hey gjie u were mad rite dat time? but i succeed on making u laugh. haha XD n queeny i'm always there for u. plus i pon nk merayau td! :D hey u shud be proud of getting dat badge. dun let dat b**** hold u down la. dats lame la! XD she's ain't wiv fighting anyway. nnt kuku dia patah la! lol giler xleh bla kutuk. heh sorry. not!!!

finally! sumbody recognise how i'm really good at acting! :D
lala said i'm les fabz councelor. haha n yes my lesfab; ur welcome. always pleasure doing folio addmath wiv u. XD or shud i say, for u! X)
anyone want a free massage? lol i know lala wants it. dun worry lala. if ur sick again, i'll do a full time massage like i did last wednesday. :D

gjie, confidence come within u. its not by training or any sort of kung fu. XD its how u believe in urself u cud do it. n i'm sure wiv da drama ur in now, u will learn n understand wut i mean. dun worry. n do be proud of urself. to be honest wiv u, i'm not always proud of myself.. its juz dat i know what i'm capable of doing. i know wut is my advantanges n weakness. so i use it. :D

after school, i stayed bak until 6. XD wiv my hyakuji ofcos. my bro was supposed to pick me up. but then he was too bz n fell asleep. so he forgot. lol its ok along. i still luv u! plus sitting in a sheltered place while raining, it can be very very calming n sweet. loving every moment to bits n particles. :) i wish dat i cud do it over again. n i'm sorry for being alil angry b4 dat. ppl keep pissing me off by da min. well not les fab ofcos. :D to them, u noe wut? go ahead. ave fun all u want. u ain't breaking me down. wtv u do, i can do better. n puh leasssseee. can u like act like a girl. nk baring2 lak. for god sake. mentang2 kau kurus. n lawa. n do keep it to urself if u r good at doing belly dancing. no one cares. pfft.

but still i got a closure by moosey. hehe it is. i save da words n print it my dear. n i keep it right here, in my heart. :D funny notes; i'm getting da zaki's allergies!! i luv it! XD


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Thursday, August 7, 2008 10:20 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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