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so little time, so many things to do

news flash ppl :
apparently for this upcoming trial i am unhonour to announce dat i'll be very very very bz n i will not ave much time to play n online n updating this blog. not only dat, my komputer burned out. dat means i ave no komputer until it is fixed. my bro will send it to da workshop tomorrow pronto. well i hope. he promised me last week but da komputer is still here in my room. n its taunting me every second " uuu.. u cannot online anymore.. u cannot switch me on fasya. ha-ha-ha" pffft!!
n fyi, i am onlining using my bro's laptop. hehe :D
i'm really sorry especially to moose cuz he's been waiting for da new post since last 2 weeks ago. sorry. apparently my blog has one big fan. haha XD one big skinny cute fan. lol too much praising.
oh i spent my school holiday wiv books all over my head. apparently i am one of da students who doesn't get to spend a real holiday wiv family. well cheers ppl, after all of this come to an end we'll have our real fun. meaning no more caring about spm! well at least for 3 months. X)
yet da last day of holiday (sunday, 24/8/08),
my dad fulfilled da promise dat he made on da day we went to tgi fridays. da promise was to take me n lil bro izzat X) to petrosains! dun judge me. i never been there b4. yes yes i know, lived at selangor for 7 years but never been to petrosains. how lame can i be? well not anymore. i ave made a history in my life. n i went n well i guess u can consider dat i did enjoyed myself there.
oh i learned how to make ice cream! XD
n i sang wiv da t-rex. lol pis will be uploaded as soon as i have da time. haha we've spent 5 hours n a half in petrosains n still dat wasn't enuf for us to really see all of it. lol we didn't wen shopping at all. now dats a record in my family. we never went home wivout a shopping at a mall. lol
oh n i love asam laksa at laksa shack! i've been craving for laksa for too long. XD
oh wivout me noticing it, half my time during da school holiday, my family n i were all about food. haha, first time went to tgi fridays. da bomb ppl! love da cookies n' cream. gosh now i'm hungry! dang flabbet! lol n well i've tried sumfing new at secret recipe but i forgot wut was it. haha n baskin robbins. ugh.. so many things to tell! -____-"
lol oh well all i know i keep it update wiv my hyakuji. hait! ^-^
oh and last monday, 'we' did sumfing bad. haha seriously its one of da nightmares dat i neva wanna experience but it juz happen. damn. lol but i'm still trying to think of it in a positive way dat cud cheer me up n make me laugh my head off. but its juz so hard. i'm not gonna tell u what or who is 'we'. that is only between me n..... haha XD sumbody knows wut i'm talking about. seriously i am a 'bad' influence. u 'bad' boy. haha XP
oh fyi i haven't sleep n its 5 in morning already. so dat is y i'm alil coo coo in da head. haha
oh i juz wanna say we survive hyakuji!!! one week! haha eventhough we planned to date but it was cancelled two times, but hey it still means we didn't meet for one week. XD let check my pulse. dub dub.. yup still breathing. XD

oh i wud like to take this time out to say da sentence dat i've forgotten to put on my blog. lol i've quote it for a long time but i juz didn't remember to put on da blog. he said i shud on my blog. so here it goes. X)

" he is my sunshine on a rainy day, and i'm his cloud on a sunny day" :)
yes hyakuji. i've changed da chocolate rain to cloud. lol hope it sounds better. if not, do tell me. :)

well in one minute it will be 6 am. n i've got tons of things to do. i think. haha i juz finished doin my chemistry revision. well not all XD but i'm getting to it. haha oh anybody wanna volunteer to bcome my tutor? XD cuz apparently i need one rite now. in chemistry n biology. lol ngeh when u wanna get things done, u gotta try it urself aite? but always grab if there is a helping hand around. who knows they know better than u do. adding more knowledge to brain won't hurt wud it? well alil if its an addmath formula. haha XD apparently in my life, i neva hate things such as addmaths or school. neva! i do enjoy doing addmaths especially finding da rite answer wiv da rite solution. but sumhow they or it juz hates me! haha X) oh well it take ones to know the other. huh wait? dat doesn't make relevant to this. see i'm babbling again ppl. how am i gonna go through today. gosh school n then straight to tusyen after school. doi! lol
oh well i've wasted too much time at dis post apparently. oh well. till da next post, hope u guys enjoy reading dis as much as i enjoy writing it. haha good morning malaysia n have a good day,week,month n life! :D

hugs n kisses to les fabs n happy belated birthday to lala. i'll post another speech for u da next time i'll online lalink. sorry to keep u waiting! :( n i love u too much ahmad zaki bin ahmad zuber. missing u so much. :( n i'm sorry... XOXO assalamualaikum n tata to u my wonderful person. yes you who is reading dis. :) ur wonderful to me my dear ;)


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