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Nikon D3000

like, freak out !
i just remembered that last year, i did a post about some of the stuffs that i want.
actually it was like a birthday post.
well 17 was still young :P

so i had hopes and always get this childish when it comes to my birthday :P
so i demand or want loads of stuff.
not that i get it anyway -_-'

but friends always give me prezzie :)
thats what i love the most X)

but anyway, back to my point.
in that post, i actually wrote that i want my own camera
and not just any camera, a digi cam.
here's the link. click here

and guess what ?

i got it :D
it's like, WOW.
pinch me :)
um on second thought, don't -__-'
hug me ! :D

eventhough for one sem only, daddy had to take away his camera.
so might as well buy what i need 1 year early :P

meet my new baby :)
nikon d3000 P.S Googlebild! Pictures, Images and Photos

gosh, i got 3 new babies within 2 months X)
my phoney, my lappieto and now, my own dslr :)

seriously, i think i'm having a fever right now.
and i'm not bragging or showing off.
i just want to share my happiness with you guys :)

next time rock climbing boleh la zoom seboleh boleh nya :D

oh oh and it has video recording as well !
how cool is that :D

seriously, pertama complex is awesome !
and omma is soooo awesome in bargaining stuff X)
seriously, the price was marked down from 2999 till 1980 plus extra battery.
and then we asked for 8 GB, omma marked down the price again.
and then got the bag and all the package.
omma marked down again the prices -_-'

thankgod the tauke was really friendly with omma.
omma memang hebat la ! :D

since it's already 3 sumfing, i tell ya i am very tired right now.
so i'm just gonna upload pictures that are pretty.

ok almost 4 am.
i need to wake up early kot tomorrow -_-'
argh, yesterday tido awal.
tapi disebabkan nak post ni sgt.

the only person who has seen my dslr besides my family is abg cepoi :D

well abg cepoi, sila terharu.

oh and warga klcc dan pertama complex X)

and thanx farhan, for giving me tons of tips :)
you're a great friend and a good sifu X)
hoping to see you in real life :)

ps; i am being so selfish.
i promise i'll do good for first sem.
i have to.
guilt guilt guilt guilt

look only at me - Tae Yang

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Saturday, December 19, 2009 3:08 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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