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PANAS. [bare with me, at this point, i just feel that expressing this in malay gives more impact. more details on that on the next post. but for now..]
haish, rasa mcm nak terjun masuk pool yang penuh dgn ice.
biar aku membeku.
dan YA AMPUN, tolonglah beku kan hati ni sekali.
haish X(
sabar wahai bloggers.
kamu akn paham bila kamu baca next post.
itu pun kalau kamu baca.

which btw, did you know after i post the last post [like what the gucci ? does this even make any sense ?], i ended up didn't sleep through the night.
like seriously, i close the laptop at 6:50am and ended up tagging along with daddy, omma and angah to KGSAAS.
i tot i wanted to go for a swim only for a few minutes and then go to gym, but turns out i forgot to bring my sneakers.
and i was holding it while waiting daddy reversing the car kot -__-'

errgh, ok, tiru ayat fazra;
but i do.
i really do.
just like her.
pfft :|

why is it so hot right now ? errghh! is there something wrong with my body or the temperature is too HOT for me handle X(

daddy and omma went to the gym while angah went driving range.
GOLF, something that i will never understand :)

daddy is coaching angah for a few minutes.

fyi; my body is aching due to a long period of not swimming -__-'
argh ! like i said, i hate sundays :|

the joy i had when i eat at mamak has fade away :|
i have lost my appetite entirely.
i am going through a stage where they say i am having a DEPRESSION.

angah:"kalau nak diet pun, jangan la starve yourself."
me:" if diet is the reason i am starving myself, i can understand. but the thing is i can't eat even though i am hungry. i just don't have any appetite anymore :| "

seriously, this is wrong.
more on this topic soon.
ergh i have ALOT of issues today huh ?

hah kau !
do i really have to say more about this ?

angah : "it proves that no effort goes to waste. my hard work. study hard X)"

sheesh, he is currently all hang over paying xbox right now.
well it is his xbox after all :P

haha i'm proud to call him my brother X)
bahahah XD

oh yeah, and seeeeeee!!
from gym. straight cleaning up my house and then we went out.
sheesh, i am sooo tired, tau tak ??
so don't blame me for being very stressy and all easily mad -__-'

you don't wanna know what he was talking to that thing that time -__-'
it's like seeing fazra talking to robert pattinson.
YES fazra !
he was talking to that thing exactly just like that X)

tsk, fazra balik kampung -__-'
blogger twin aku yang baru je aku nk jumpa.
takpa takpa, nak ugut omma next month nak balik umah.
sebab ada date besar dgn fazra.

whoa, that really lifts up my mood :D
but that doesn't fight the fact that i'm totally feeling like i'm in a tanning machine right now.
hish, where's the remote control when you need one ?
work you icy air-cond -__-'
it's too hot for it to function :(

oh nuhaaaaa i wonder what's your life at egypt.
ah ! you've must be having the COLDEST time, while i'm having the HOTTEST time.
sheeesh -__-'

ok i really need to stop with this smiley -__-'
kan fazra ? :P

oh oh, and and i got my new lappieto !!!
yup, i just bought it today ! wee :D

let's do the lappieto dance.
oh COP coca cola. unfortunately, the laptop is being format by along.
he's installing kapersky into it.
so we can only do the lappieto dance once i have the picture up :)
okidoki ?

argh panas !

ok next post.
i want to splash my hands, face and legs with water.
erghh !
air-cond !!

ps; the best part about being VERY friendly with the tauke, is that
you can get discount :D
and yes, we bought the xbox at the usual place i always buy my games and all.
plaza shah alam rocks ! :D
i love you tauke !
thank you for the discount XD

angah went all nice with me when he saw that the tauke was falling for my puppy eyes.
these babies are a pair of dangerous weapons ;)
don't make me use it :D
fyi i'm talking about my eyes -__-'

me: " ala tauke, mcm la tauke ni tak kenal saya. ini pun saya paksa abg saya beli xbox kat u sorang je. i promote u tau. boleh la *puppy eyes* "
tauke: "ok ok la. for you la. sebab i ngam dgn u. i bagi boot disk free. "
me: " waaah, thank you la ! tauke buat i sayang u lagi ar :D haha "

and the evening went on with our laughter filling the place.
i love them :)

i'm not sweating, but i feel a high temperature that burns.

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