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The Story About I, L and P

i should start using my own lappieto.
maybe tomorrow :P
errghh omma is pushing me to give her lappieto back -_-'
she's got a point there.

goodbye dear HP.
for this one post only.
after that, i will not touch you again.
unless omma ask to do her works again.
but i doubt that.

oh on second thought, maybe two more post.
tsk -__-'

here's the thing, i know that i shouldn't have this feeling.
i mean, it's not everyday i could go out for straight one week.
even though it is with brothers only.

and it's not like i get to spend on alot of things within one month.
if it wasn't for Melaka, daddy would ground me and take away my cards -_-'

but somehow,
i still feel sad and empty :|
sure, getting new stuffs and new clothes had it happy effects.
though it only last for a few seconds.
once it dries out, i'll go back to my old soggy sobby mood :|

and i don't know why.
sheesh -_-'

oh one more thing, i hate it when people don't reply back my text -_-'

you know, karma is hitting me.
i mean, just the other day i was ignoring this one girl.
and i lied to her.
so everything is coming back to me you know.

the only reason that i lied, well..
since i'm already there, might as well just say it right ?

ok. so let just call her L. i kinda got to know her from Yamaha Music.
we're not that tight, yet we're close enough to know each others situation in love life and life itself.
so she's been single for like, i don't know, 6 months ?
so anyway, i don't want to be a bad friend. i mean, i had a jamming session with my other friends that she doesn't know. and at the same time i was lepak-ing with her at Pelita.
the thing is, she had this huge disappointment screening through her eyes.
so i ended up inviting her to join me jamming with the others.
i had to introduce her to them.

so anyway, she's now stuck liking this guy, lets call him P.
well, fortunately i just found out that she doesn't like this guy because SHE LIKE HIM.
it's just because she's lonely and she needs someone to play around with -__-'


okay, here's the thing, one of P's exes, let's call her I, are closed with me.
and during the time when P and I were coupling, i helped them get through alot of things.
P still likes I and I felt the same way.
the thing is,
I has the same attitude as i do.
she wants to make sure if P will wait for her.
so you get it right ? [please tell me you get this -_-']

but you know what is like,
when two lonely people meet up.
two desperate lonely people to be exact.

so here's the lying part.
when L asked me, if i have P's phone number, myspace and facebook,
when it is the opposite.

when P asked me, if i have L's myspace or facebook,
when she does.

and here's the ignoring part comes.
she calls me more than 10 times.
she texted me.
i ignored.
well ignore is a harsh word, lets just say i left my phone in my room.

oh and she has left for Egypt yesterday, going to where her parents currently living.
and i kind tot hey, since she'll be going, might as well return her calls.
well she called me that day [as in saturday], so thats why i tot of returning the call.

and thats when i just found out about her going out with P and all.
i really don't know how they got contact with each other -_-'
and i also found out that she doesn't think she would go for P cause P is all cheesy and all.
tsk -_-'

and guess what, i promised her that night i would call her, cause and talked more with her,
well i had to hang up the phone because she was having dinner with her family.
but i kind of forgot the promise -_-'

so here comes the karma.

one of my friend is not replying me. well two to be exact.
and i just found out that Jojot isn't coming home for awal muharam. which makes me cry just by thinking of it right now.
ok no tears, no tears.
sabar fasya sabar.
and and there won't be any les fab gathering since lala is busy with moving to another new house.
the last one i can understand.

like queeny said "some things can't be avoided"

understood and agreed :)

oh another karma part, fazra is at her hometown until december X(
MEANING, i can't go out with her X(
what are the odds ? -_-'
not only i have missed out on going out with my robtasticly friend, i have missed out on meeting her for the first time X(

okay, takpe, january is just few weeks around.
and spm-ers are like having a 3 whole months of holiday-ing.
and it's not like i won't come back from melaka right ?
right ? right ?

ok dah dah.
kelapa kepala sudah pening. hish, kelapa plak -__-'

i blame t.t.l remix.
currently playing in my windows media.
it's so beating that it feels like my head is going dup dup dup dup dup.
and it almost makes me want to dance -__-'

erghh it's 3:47 am.
need to sleep.
i have plans.

six months

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