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Pak Mus PasMediaSensasi Tegur Aku

" Alat2 muzik ni buat apa.
Baik kalo adik katam Quran ka bagus juga. "

if i did this post on the day i got that comment, i can assure you,
i'll curse, swear, shoot some awful, mean words that it'll shocked even myself as a blogger.

fortunately, i decided to hold on to those word to myself and just cool myself down.
oh yes people, here's the 'PANAS' story that i was talking about.
i've been waiting for sooo long to write this up.

thankfully, i am in a good condition [NOT] and my common sense is stable.
at least, i'm not that 'HOT' anymore.
[seee, the impact is much more greater when i say 'panas' and much more juicier :P]

it took me like 3 days just to approve that comment.
i tot i was just gonna left it waiting to be approved.
but i realised that there's nothing to be ashamed or scared :)

oh and for the first time,
i opened up to my parents :D
i told them about this, and the respond was amazingly surprise :D
even my brothers joined in to discuss about this matter :)
for once, i was happy i told my parents about it :D
i don't really tell them anything -_-'

hemm where should i start ?
and should i reveal who is it ?

weirdly this post is more or less like nuha's 'Don't judge book by it's cover".
well it will once you heard my parents responds to it.

we were having our breakfast at Mamak as always after going to the gym,
it goes like this;

Me: "Omma, daddy. this is just random question [NOT]. what would you respond if someone suddenly come up to you and said 'Alat2 muzik ni buat apa.
Baik kalo adik katam Quran ka bagus juga.' . How would you react ?

Omma: "Well i said that i know how to divide my time between world and 'akhirat'. I read and Qhatam quran all the times as well as i learn how to play instruments. there's nothing wrong with that. Even Islam didn't say it is wrong to learn."
Daddy:" why you asked ?"
Me:" oh nothing. just randomly asking."

few seconds of silence. suddenly.

Me:" ok ok. here's the truth. Along, along tau kan alang slalu upload video kat youtube. and omma, you know that i record videos of me singing while playing piano and all. well someone commented me, and said those things. "
Omma:" well i would said what i would said. "
along:" ala. orang jeles. ckp je dgn dia jgn menyibuk."
Me: " thats the thing. he's not just ANYBODY. konon nyer la dia ni ORANG PAS. i don't know whether it's true or not but yeah, konon nyer la."

omma and daddy look at me without blinking.

Me:" well alang tgh panas hati sebenarnya. masih lagi actually. tapi alang masih rational lagi. so tu yg alang nak tanya pendapat omma daddy."
Daddy: " if it was me, i would tell him off. i'll send him a msg, saying " hello. you dont know me, and i don't know you. so let's not get in the way of others businesses. don't jump to conclusion."
Along: "ala klu along, tak layan la org camtu. biar kan je. ramai yg slalu hantar comment cmtu. biarkan je. klu kita balas, ia menunjukkan betapa lemahnya kita."
Omma: " a'a. just let it be. biasa la tu. omma dulu pun masa tgk korang men game semua2 ni mama pun tegur kata, kenapa la korg men game ni."

i giggle in my heart.

angah: " knapa ni? apa dia? "
angah joined in after washing his hands.
i explained it to him.

Angah: "ala, biasa la tu. dulu pun angah pernah letak angah nyer video men skateboard, byk je kutuk angah. kata angah gemuk sgt la tu la. biarkan je"
Daddy: "Allah decide what is right and what is wrong. and at the end of the day, no one can make the JUDGEMENT except Him."
Omma: " yes i agree on that statement. biasa la, bila org tak tau, dia tegur just utk tolong and help perbetulkn masyarakat."
Along: " tapi takkan dgn cara camtu ? there's alot of better ways of saying it kot. "
Angah: " masalahnya, kenapa dia even browse and tgk video alang ? kenapa dia buang masa tgk video muzik in the first place. tak ke nampak sgt dia yang bodoh dulu ?
Me: " haha you got a point there."
Angah: " plus masa zaman2 Rasulullah dulu, kedatangan Rasulullah disambut dgn kompang. habis tu, kompang tu apa ? bukan alat muzik ? Bukan dia yang menentukan apa yang dosa and pahala. Bukan Nik Aziz yang boleh tentukan politik mana yang akn masuk neraka atau syurga. Itu kerja Allah. "

Daddy: " ckp dgn dia. you don't know me, do not jump to conclusion to what i do. klu tambah i don't know you, kang tibe2 dia ckp 'ok lets get to know each other. satu keje plak."

and well the conversation was a longer than it is, but i have to edit somehow.
i don't have a good memory.
but this is what it's all about.

seriously, yesterday i opened this Guy profile.
and i found that one of my best friend also was commented by him.
but he commented her on her video.
and also HER PAGE.

whoa, talk about two strikes -_-'

anyway, like angah said, trollers exist in this world.
these trollers are so damn bored with their life that they like to surf the nets and goes around commenting bad stuffs on you.
it's normal.


i started to realised that i shouldn't feel mad or sad or ashamed.
oh and i checked this guy profile again today.
and he uploaded like three videos.
but by the looks of his videos, i think he's a FAKE.
whoa, marah lagi rupanya aku ni -__-'

ok, tak ke bodoh, dia kata jangan tgk bende haram, tapi gmbr video dia, dia letak b***** perempuan.

and i haven't even check the video.
i don't need to.
cause i know, he's the type of guy that goes around saying smoking is bad for your health while smoking a cigarette.
CREEP if i must say so ?

so yeah. there.
there's the story :)
i'm okay now.

i felt relieved to tell you all this.
it's like letting out another burden in my life.
well its not a burden to be exact.

well as you can see, i didn't say much when i have conversation with my family -_-'

but anyway, it's nice to see the responds and all.
well its already 5:05 am.
i have alot of things to say, but i just can't remembered any of it -_-'

i guess rationality really takes over me :)

and like nuha said, DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER.
just because you see me playing piano, that doesn't mean i don't recite the Al-Quran.
you don't know me.
seriously, YOU DON'T KNOW ME.
so don't jump to any conclusions.

it's a sad world when people don't know how to say things right anymore.
and it's a sad thing when people don't know who they really are.

i stick to that principle and will always do.

good morning and have a nice day :)

i am not easily intimidate :)

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