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What Happens in Sleepover, Stays in Sleepover 3#

it was the last day i spent my time with farhah.

and for the first time, she had the opportunity and the honors to 'walk in my shoes' for one day.

well she didn't literary walked in my shoes that day.
she just get to feel what i have to go through every wednesday.
and you know what she said?

"urgh, how do you do all this?"

haha ! XD

taking the bus from 18, changing it to another bus. walking all the way.
and unfortunately it was raining that time.
so yeah, it made the day even hard to go through.

and then arriving at Plaza Shah Alam 1 hour early.

with one whole round, farhah said

"ada apa lagi kat mall ni O.o?"

hahaha XD
farhah is so funny :)
and i started reminiscing everything that happen at the mall last year. sigh

LOL :)

oh and farhah was shocked to know that there's takoyaki at the mall.
resulting to the pictures below :)

yummy :)
i'm actually craving for it right now :(

and thats it.

farhah had to wait for me to finish my class for one hour and then we had to wait my brother to pick us up.

and thats it.

ps; i just realised that this thing hasn't been post for like 13 days after it was wrote.
it was saved in the draft.
sorry -__-'

i even don't even know what i want to say any more in this post.

oh well :|

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Sunday, December 13, 2009 3:42 AM
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