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171209 : Extreme Park

went rock climbing for the first time !
sorry farhah, yang you pergi a'famosa apsal ?
eleh, queeny pun pergi esok -__-'
tsk, what's up with melaka and people ?

ada apa kat sana ? :P

oh oh ! queeny, I'M SOOOO SORRY for making you wait for one whole hour -_-'
heh, how i wish i have my own car and LICENSE. LOL
brothers will be brothers.

and gjie pun sama, gedik suruh dtg awal, dia pun lambat -_-'

ps; giler ar malaysia menang mcm tu rupanya -__-'
ish ish, jgn jadi jahat fasya :)
bangga bangga >:)

kesian alan -_-'
dah ar balik melaka, terus gi pd and then dtg lepak with us.
and i can see how bored he was -_-'
thats why he went home early.
thx anyway for dropping off gjie :P
but hey hey, you're still in my blog alan ! XD

gjie buat muka tak puas hati -_-'
she refused to do rock climbing even though we paid for her KOT :P
but still she did it anyway.
for one time :P

credits pic to queeny :)
giler confuse masa nak pakai bende tu -_-'
even climbing was hard.
i felt like my feet was gonna fall any second.
asal la tempat nk letak kaki tu kecik sangaaaaat.
now i understand why zaki was stress.
dah ar kaki dia besar -__-'
haha err not kutuk-ing or anything :P

queeny had done this before.
but still she was like a pro.
i fell for the first try,
like seriously hurts -__-'
haiya, practice practice :P

gjie deleted some of her pictures from my camera.
i will kiss you the next time i see you gjie.
how could you -__-'

gjie blur -__-'
i was doing a peace sign :D
oh well, there'll be next time X)
as in next weeeeek ! haha

after we finished the rock climbing, which only took us 30 minutes to do it,
dini as in Nik's older brother texted gjie saying they're coming.
lama giler baru nk smpi -__-'
oh well, i understand the situation of having NO CAR haha
and i live at section 18.
so, UNDERSTOOD *nod* :)

the good ol' times :)

awww :)
i just love looking at all the pictures again.
seriously, i enjoyed myself today.
thankyou sooo much to queeny,gjie,alan,nik and dini.
you guys really made my day :)

but next time, let's make sure everyone do rock climbing.
at least it doesn't feel that awkward+bored sitting in BK doing nothing -__-'
oh and hopefully it won't rain :)

and yes i agree, let's be punctual this time :D
bahaha XD

my favourite picture for today :)
keju basi !! XD

i love you guys oh so much.
and i think i'm gonna miss you guys once i'm at melaka -_-'
on second thought, klu accountancy ada kat melaka, i nak dragged queeny gi sana boleh ?
bahaha XD
eh jap jap, queeny did said she wanted to change course ? :P

ps; i did the most embarassing thing today.
i fell on the floor trying to hide away from gjie.
arghh, all the guys were staring at me -__-'
malu malu malu ! LOL
tu ar, nak kene kan gjie sgt :P

why did i have to leave the cupcakes, it would have been a perfect plan T,T

what a day :)



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Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:31 PM
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