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Shooting Star

what i've been missing out lately

*new wardrobes/clothes, that leads back to outing!*
*new shoes; wedges, toe-pump, boots! XD*
*sony ericsson headphone ; need my music! i've given mine to angah, so i ave none! :( *
*a big teddy bear; it has always been my dream :) *
*pet! i miss having cats around. hamsters and rabbits are cute as well XD *
*handbags! i never see the attraction on a handbag before. i guess thats why i never see myself looking good holding a handbag. but mama said i hve to start acting like a woman since i'm getting older. X) so for my entire whole life, i only have one handbag ; Guess. rite now i need another one that's not too big or too small. mama!!!! ka-ching~ XD*
*movies! i wish i could see HSM3. huh X( *
*ice-skating! :D *
*accessories,accessories,accessories. i don't really buy my necklaces and stuff. i usually got them as prezzie. lol thats why i don't have alot. need a new bling2 and lucky bracelet X) *
* collector of key-chain. phm2 la sendiri ok! XD *
*new phone! :( *
*holidays! X( *
*set of make-up. X) i never had one *
*driving license -coming soon :D *
*watches. i love collecting them. such art. ;) *
*sushi king! big apple!! tgi friday!!! :'( *
*novels to read. need new. :| *
last but not least (there's more but i can't think of anymore rite now XD )

*a camera. not just any camera. :'(
one of my dreams *being a part time photographer* a forbidden dream to be exact. why family always have to take away the best of us? :( or why my family to be precise. huh..

WARNING : this is just a random post. i'm just losing my mind. XD

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Friday, October 31, 2008 7:33 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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