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The Princess and The Frog Movie

i have found something that farhah and i have no similarities with.

i love disney's cartoon.
i love disney's movie.
i love it so much to the point i don't mind watching it over and over again regardless of being labelled as lil kid and yelled by my own parents ordering me to go study [old story, heh good times :)]

i love it so much that i dragged my lil brother into loving it as well.
i love it so much that every single story that i watched, it actually educate me.

yes, people.
i have tons of people asking me how i get so fluent in speaking english.
no, not my parents. when i was lil, i hated talking english with my parents.
you can asked them.
they had to pushed me so hard into speaking english, when they didn't have the slight clue i aced my english test every year :)

well here's your answer.


heh, who said tv is bad for you ?
well at some point, it is.
but it depends on how trained that child is :)

but back to my point,
i love disney. unfortunately,
FARHAH has no heart towards it :|

i was so dissapointed when farhah said the movie was only 'OKAY'.
tsk tsk X(
oh well, different people different opinion :)

and this is my review :)

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i enjoyed every second i was watching it.
honestly, i do X)
the story line, the background music, the characters and the music itself.
arrghh, it was too many things to take in that moment.
and i even cried for some reason when the movie was at its ending.
farhah said i was weird.
lol, the typical comment i always get from people :)

i couldn't take my eyes off the screen, i didn't even finished my popcorns.
and everybody knows that i LOOOOOVE popcorns.
ok, seriously one in million.
never had i NOT finished my own popcorns.

and that just proves everything :)

and once the cd is out, i'm gonna buy it.

i wonder if the soundtrack of the movie would come out in cd as well.
oh yeah, i love all the songs that they sang on that movie :D

overall, the movie is pretty much indescribable :)

i felt really guilty for not watching it with my lil brother.
he really wanted to watch it -_-'
oh well, i promise i would take him next week.
at least before i go to melaka.
dude only one week left !

it feels like just yesterday i was nagging how far is 27th.
oh well :)
gotta get ready !

ps; zaki, have you watched it ? do you think the movie is okay too just like how farhah feels ?
or was the movie great ?

farhah said "the movie is okay, but i wouldn't go to watch it twice."


almost there


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Thursday, December 17, 2009 4:10 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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