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Acer Aspire 4736G

ok ok. i know i said that i will post about why i'm so 'HOT' right ?
well if you read my last post, you would understand what i'm saying right now.
but i did told you that i got my new lappieto right ?
fyi, it's just another word for laptop.
i made it up.
anyway, here's the picture of the laptop.


after buying it, i just realised how big it was.
i was transferring my files from omma's lappieto to mine and gosh,
what a huge diference -__-'

and it comes with a package ofcourse.
i bought it at PLAZA ALAM SENTRAL.
cmon, where else right ?
living at shah alam, that's kind of the best place to get good prices for great quality stuffs.
plus along is used to the people there.
they recognized him -__-'

mouse, mouse pad, cable, usb hub, headset, notebook cool pad, keyboard protector, screen cleaner and some stickers.
the usual stuffs.

and i asked for extended warranty, just in case anything happens.
i don't want to poke more money from omma's and dad's pocket.
so best be prepared for anything right ?
at least with that, i just call the acer, and they come to save my lappieto :D
not that i have any intention to ruin my laptop.
like HELLO, why would i even want that to happen ?
buang masa and menyusahkan je okay ?

that are the two things i hate. take note on my factaboutfasya :P

oh and all of that, plus the installation of softwares and all,
i AM a masscom student after all, so i need alot of graphics softwares.
all of that cost me RM 2609.
which is the best i could asked from the guy.
stephen wasn't being friendly -_-'

even the guy who works next to the place was nicer to me.
well at least he wasnt all blurrish type of guy.
and he smile anyway :D
better than stephen the blur, sneezy guy -_-'

ps; whether he was smilling or flirting, i couldnt tell :P

anyway, i would like to thank my brothers for helping me picking the right laptop.
i REEEEEEALLY don't know all these laptops stuff. haha
and along helped me install kapersky and all sorts of stuff.

along rasmikan laptop tu dulu -_-'
ah my laptop is not virgin anymore. and i haven't even touch it yet.
bahaha XD

anyway i've done transfering all my files.
but somehow its hard to depart from this lappieto.
yes, currently i'm still using my omma's lappieto.
sheesh :(

i have to download back the youtube downloader, super converter and all sorts of things -__-'

oh well, at least there's one thing i can at least say now.


oh yeah, feels good :D
do the lappieto dance !!

ok now the room is too cold for me -__-'
air-cond oh air-cond :D

don't come crying

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Monday, December 14, 2009 7:20 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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