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another sad awful truth -_-"

* pfft, GILER, setelah lama x post, kuar2 je bahasa melayu. dh ar ckp jgn bising, MASALAH TUL MINAH NI -___-" *

*kepada yg tdk berkenaan, atau mls nk baca, terus scroll ke bawah and baca poem, SENANG CITE -_-" *

i blame nisa for my overdose sugary merapu-ness :D

ok, i'm practically useless right now, its not that i don't have anything to say.
i've got tons but i haven't yet upload pics and stuff, so that KINDAAA makes me not inthe mood for useful crapping :)

fazraaaa, awat hang merapu dlm bahasa indon la neeeeeehhh
haiyah, i haven't got time yet to read all of it but hell i was rolling on the floor laughing for sho XD

ok highlight!

satu bende je ar ok, I PERFORMED AT SMK SSAAS on Teacher's Day.
" you performed???"
yes i did you tootie toot, can't you read? -___-"

don't ask if i record it or not, i BLAME NISA. haha
asyik2 nisa je ni. haih famous ko dlm blog aku -__-"

nak tau sape nisa?
ee xyah ar, dier tu budak yg paling gedik!
smpi mengalahkan drama queen yg terkenal di dunia ni. haha
aduh, mati aku klu dier baca ni -__-"

oh yeah i play guitar, don't you know? :P
i've actually uploaded a new video of my singing.
hah? ape? nk tgk? post kt blog?
ish xyah la :D bahaha
* asal ko gedik sgt mlm ni fasya -__-" *

dh dh! jumpe di lain post ok ;)

to honey fazra, i had a bit rough time few days ago.
and practically farhah knows most of it.
my bitch farhah, i miss you so much, i hope ur having a great time at pulau perhentian, i wish you cud take me as well! but i've got a date.
no, not with human, but BOOKS -_-"
i wish it was with a human :D haha

so results from my frustration i made a poem.
but at that time i felt crap, so practically the words didnt came out too well -_-"
arrgh!! merapu merapu! D:

so i leave the comment part to you fazra and the rest of the world! haha :D

notes; - i know, intro bapak pjg, and totally NONSENSE -_-"

- i want to cry, but i can't :)
i'm holding it for certain occasions only. see how strong i am? ;)

- it doesn't really matter if i am not the world to anyone's eyes,
but to mine, you will always be my WORLD :)

- i'm not afraid of the truth, and i'm not afraid that i'm readable.
what i am afraid is that, everybody could see it but they done nothing to help it.
way to go, mrs obvious :)

there are days when sun is shining just right and wind are blowing just fine.
but rain will always come and wash this away.

there are times where life is as bright as white,
but the light of life will sometime fade to black as the darkness comes.

in every goodness of life, there is such thing as bad.

its like riding a ferris wheel, sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're real down.
and sometimes, it stop at one point, where you are stuck, hanging in the air.

sometimes past drags you, it'll make you cry, it'll make you strong.
sometimes it haunts you and make you feel like there's no where you belong.

future excites you, but nevertheless scares you.
it has unexpectable surprises yet terrible fall down that you just can't control.


even if you're stuck at one point of your life, the world still rotating on it's axis.
life still goes on, and there 's nothing you can do to stop it.

stop won't solve.
fixing won't do anything.

it's just a matter of time, you'll wake up and look back that you wasted another of your moment upon grieving one thing when you could have achieve MORE with the time you had.

humans aren't perfect, they made mistake, they learn from it. but they still make mistakes.
it's a frustrating process of learning and understanding the meaning of life.

but you got to go through it.
at least when you die, you won't regret doing nothing, when you could have had SOMETHING.

~thegirlwhowishshecouldbe thegirlshe USED TOBE
uniquesya :)


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