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Vacation 2009 #4

OMG its my 151st post? haha


METZ, France

we could have gone to paris, but it would take us about 4 hours to get there. imagine how long the trip's gonna take for us to go and come back -_-"

- a city in the northeast of France
-located in the confluence of the Moselle River and Seille River.
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for the first time stumbling upon a toll.
oh did you know, there are no tolls at Europe AT ALL?
except for borderlines ofcourse, for example; this, frm germany to FRANCE. ONE. and thats all.

yes ppl, thats stand for Moselle River.
now do you believe me this river is LONG? :)

dlm misi mencari laki hot, haha
misi; GAGAL :P

picnic-ing again
menu of the day; NASI GORENG :D

spring sonata: a walk to remember

cruising along Moselle River for 45 minutes.

one memory can't forget;

a french guy fishing at the riverbank saw me and yelled KONICHIWA.
haha :)

sepet nyer -_-"

damn, its beautiful :(


Black Tulips
bak pepatah Pak long

" Queen of Night "

Yellow Tulips
* i forgot -_-" *


KOBLENZ, Germany

-where Moselle River merge or meets with Rhein river( rhein is the main Longest River in Europe )
-the third largest city in Rheinland-Palatinate
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yes, i'm lonely, LOL

ice-cream movenpick
daddy says; NOT YOUR ORDINARY ICE CREAM, one of the finest and expensive ones.

not your ordinary smarties, LOL
* abeh tu ape ordinary hah fasya? -_-" *

don't ask, i don't understand it either -_-"


babble-ing with the video cam lol
the meeting point of Moselle and Rhein River

picnic-ing again :D
menu of the day; mayo cheese mushroom sandwich! :D

a weird looking chair -_-"

an ancient history fountain.
they build a history fountain, meaning each level of this fountain defines each and every century of Koblenz, before World War , When Islam Conquer it and so so on.


ps; mama happy daddy belikan dia two expensive shoes.

Last day at GERMANY


BONN, Germany

- City of Beethoven, the famous pianist,composer and etc
- 19th largest city in Germany
- located south of Cologne/Koln on the Rhein River.
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there's a transparent working lift everywhere

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven's House
in german spelling: Beethoven-Haus

a weird small bicycle made by old roots, i think -_-"

WALL-e WALL-e!!!
this shop has all the merchandises from all movies
twilights posters, autographs, pics,necklace, key-chain.
even WRESTLING. yes you heard me zaki. all wrestlers poster, YOU NAME IT.
even the CLOTHES.

i bought some twilight posters for my besties who reads and adores Twilight.
unfortunately i don't have much money to buy for all of them -_-"
and i had to pick for they have 8 different kind of posters. and all of them were GORGEOUS -_-"


Koln Bonn Airport
Goodbye Germany


and thats it.
for the first week at Germany. there you have it. hope you enjoy! :D
cause i really enjoy doing this post, brings tears actually lol.


- i'm so sorrry!!! i'm so so so so so so sorrrry!! i'm sorry for coming so late! pfft giler, i love you guys! :D i feel so guilty right now!
haha but we still had fun just now! haha :D
gjie, irham, ezir, zhariff and anis

you guys are AWESOME!
i miss you so much gjie!!!!

and i'm glad you love your prezzie. eventhough its not much, but i guess its the thoughts that counts right? haha * sewel betul aku malam ni -_-" *

pics of jamming will be post, soon once i'm not tired and not lazy * kan kata? sewel -_-" *

-i need a guy that can wake me up, cause apparently, even when my brothers wake me up i snap at them without even realising it cause i was damn asleep! omg! seriously, i x sedar giler yg adik i bgn kan i? dier kte dier dh bgn kan, but i marah dier? omg! when the hell is that? i yell in my sleep -_-"

again, i need a guy who can wake me up! -_-"

kenapa phone dah semakin x berguna? -_-"

ps;" You might think you can predict me, but YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ME,
You might say I don't Know You, but I KNOW ENOUGH TO LOVE YOU.

~thegirlwhoLOVESbigapplealien :9


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