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Braces or No Braces, I'm Still Your Bitch :)

why am i doing this again ?
i don't even know why !

i am suiciding myself by posting all this pictures.
to prove how ugly can be pretty.

yes, i took your words, happy ? :P

but to be honest with you, after i took all these pictures,
i suddenly realized how i don't look bad at all.
i actually look cute ? :P

fine ! so what if i'm vain with myself ?
who else gonna treat u nicely other than urself right ?

said and DONE.

anyway, remember my last post ?

the "call me 'budak separuh gigi besi' " ?

here's the continuation.
we're reaching the climax.

let see how long the suffering begin shall we ?
lets mark 19 of march 2010.


here's more pictures of how ridiculous i became while taking pictures.

i've sent mms to jojot, cause i promised her once i got my full braces that i would show.
and i've sent mms as well to my hubby at Lendu.

and the words that i got from him was..

"U, i mintak break ble?"

haha !
yes, very funny oppa 0__0

it started all sweet and cute.

then it started getting vainer.. -__-'

and then it gets pretty ugly and ridiculous -_-'
is it just me or i've been using the word ugly, ridiculous so many times tonight ?
hyakuji hyakuji :)

oh well :)

i had to smile like this so that you can see my full braces ok !
it hurts actually when i smile like that -__-'
it is SOOO FAKE 0_0

oh and i took all the pictures above using my phone cam.
which is kinda cool that it turned out okay :)

here's a collage of the pictures i took using my baby D3K

yeah, i love my baby D3K :3

oh damn ! i am most confident to walk out of this house without feeling of being watch ! :D
where did i get all this confident ?
i do not know !

but all i know that i am pretty braces or no braces !

it's not about the outside, it's the beauty within :)

i'm tired.
i did this post for certain someone satisfaction.
but in the end it became my satisfaction :D

oh how cute i am with braces :)

haha i better stop now.
it annoys me as well -_-'

yes ! i know ! there's alot i need to update !
but don't worry, at least ur up to date with how i look like ! :D

ps; i will listen to Anita the psychic.
i will watch and let things happen :)
toodles ;)

taylor swift - crazier

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Saturday, March 20, 2010 1:31 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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