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I'll Pretend

"tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?"

i'm scared.
that is all.
i am happy.
but yet afraid.

this is not me.

they even said i'm weird.

the fasya that they know is not a scaredy cat.
she ain't afraid of taking risk.
she's up for challenge.

and she never gives up.

i know that.
they know that.

then, why am i feeling so helplessly down?
i need help.
i need someone to hold my hand and bring me back to senses.
i need someone to keep my grounded and strong.
i just need a whisper of faith and strength.

thats all i need.
please ?

do i really need to spell everything for you ?
do i really need to show my real feelings blindly to you ?

is it hard to read me ?
is it hard to see through my mask ?

you're so different.
at times, i feel i need u mre than i need myself.
at times, i'm scared of being with you.
i'm scared of falling thoroughly for you.

it's too soon.
that's what i always said to myself.

can't you see the walls i build so hard between you and me ?
i'm trying so hard to not fall deep.
but u just blow right through these walls, and now i'm left open.
with no hopes and dreams, i can't even stand still.
my ground is unstable.

what i can't understand, there are times,
you will build those walls up again and made me despise you.
i don't want to hurt you, i really do.
but please don't blame me if i was the reason you cry at night one of these days.

i totally need some sleep.
never mind.
just babble-ing around again.

no air

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010 2:20 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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