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Call Me " Budak Separuh Gigi Besi "

ok, i've finished sending two of my pictures wearing braces to JOJOT :D
i hope it arrives safely to her handphone :P

after getting the braces, the only thing i could think of was,

"budak gigi besi ! "

haha, i really enjoyed watching pisau cukur movie :)

but the braces that i'm wearing.
its not full.
which is weird. really weird.

thats why i sent msg to jojot that;

"attention, mulai sekarang, panggil saya budak separuh gigi besi ! "

when i say not full, it means,
i'm only wearing the below braces.
the orthodontist haven't put on for my upper part teeth.

which is kinda weird, i mean, HELLLO
kat bawah je ke ?
on 2nd of February 2010, the orthodontist will be putting the upper one.
and its still a looooooong way to go for February to come !!

but seriously,
even wearing the lower part, i'm like SUFFERING so badly.
i'm in sooooo much PAIN.
i can't eat at all dude !
it hurts sooo bad !
i think i want to punch my teeth out !

kaklong : " kaklong dulu hampir membunuhkan diri !!!!tpi lama2 u'll get used to it !! "

understood :)

the moment for me to reveal it ! :O

not good enough?

hah kau !

so now do you understand when i say 'budak separuh gigi besi' ?
haha XD

but don't get me wrong honey.
i'm not excited about this at all.
i'm in pain.
i just need something to release the pain.

i wish i could use a laughing gas so that i wouldn't feel the pain -_-'

jojot, i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u !
double that triple that. no MILLION THAT !

and no, i'm not scared.
i'm not embarassed.


go fasya go !

so fazra, how do i look ? ;)

one year and half, palli come !!!! XD

ps; - notetoself; have to buy two new special toothbrush.

- met a new friend at the clinic.
SHAHIRA. remember that name :P
she's form 3.
and has been wearing braces for almost 6 months.
salute :D

- it hurts. i can't eat i can't eat i can't eat i can't eat !

- is he ok ?
i'm confused -__-'
why every boy that i like always makes me feel so CONFUSED O_O

steel teeth *grinning

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Thursday, December 3, 2009 10:26 PM
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