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dear jojot,

i am writing this like i am sending a letter.
eventhough we are actually in a cyber world, that does not mean we can't act like we are from the 80s who still haven't yet to discover what is computer.

without going out from the topic,
i want to start off by saying I MISS YOU.
enough said.

it occurred to me that during the last holiday (which is CNY) we did not had much time to spent a slight moment for each other.
i understand for we have been too busy with our studies life that we couldn't even spare a minute to talk to each other.
i for one, feel very sad and guilty.

you took the liberty to actually sms-ed me and asked how i am doing,
while i just daydream about u but never pick up the phone just to say hello.

but i hope that i can make it up to you.
i heard that your finals are coming up.
with finals are up, that means holidays are coming as well.
i know that you and i are in a dilemma state which are excited and scared for the finals and the holidays.

but whatever the consequences and the future will bring,
i just want you to know,


many things i wanted to tell you.
how i am doing here.
how my life has never been so dull lately.
it has been too colourful with many things that i could not even describe.

yes, there are days where my life felt so EMPTY.

but i know that you wouldn't want to see me crying alone.

still, i am very sorry if i ever did shed tears alone.
some things are inevitable.

everyday is an adventure to me.
there are no day that i can say i feel so bored.

i have been so active that i could not believe i am this energetic.
but you would.
cause you know how hyper i can be, right ?

there are also days, where i face so many problems.
actually everyday, i have to face problems.

i'm not ego.
that is not the reason why i did not pick up the phone just to tell you how miserable i am.

the reason i did not call you is because,

and i was very busy.

but i'm glad.
cause.. well do you remember last year ? haha
do you still remember how i was ?
and do you remember what you told me ?

"jojot doakan sangat farah masuk cepat. supaya farah tak emo lagi and biarlah farah busy sampai penat. at least farah tak kan duduk tak buat pape and then mengenangkan balik kisah silam. jojot taknak farah nangis."

well you got your wish.

i am very busy :)

though sometimes,
missing you and some of my friends can make me feel alil bit depressed.

i hope this letter is not too long for you to read.
and i hope you get this as soon as possible.
till we meet again,
i love you my faraway cousin.

though perak and melaka isn't that far. LOL :P
not as far as England :P

ps; i always think of you everyday.
seriously :)

your hyperly cute sexy bitch cousin,


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:32 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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