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Tuesdays Blues

for not updating my blog.
for not reporting what has happen around my life.

but boy you wouldn't guess what i had gone through this year.
my life is so hectic right now that even words can't describe.
10 post is not even enough to tell you guys everything.

but i'm glad that 2010 is much more happening than 2009.
errgh no way i want to go through 2009 again.

of course, i started my first job in 2009.
and i build myself from nothing to something.
and there are good times durinhg 2009.



so you see, this post was supposed to be published 4 days ago.
but the wifi at UiTM sucks so bad that it didn't get through.

oh fyi, i am continuing what i left in the draft while having my CSC class.

i wish my class was not cramped up the whole Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

ok i need to make a list of things i need to post:

-we won cheer block for our level ! go level 13 ! :D
-masscom induction was like one month ago, but i still want to post that out
-going out with friends was so awesome. i miss it so much.. huh..
-went for my first date at JJ. LOL
-went to the beach !! wee :D

well kinda mental block right now -__-'
i'll keep it post if i remember more events.

first off i need to post something specil for jojot !
and something about my current boyfie.
kinda personal but heh, there's no such thing as personal once ur reading this my dear ;)

ok off to multitasking between class and blog XD

ustaz alias, please don't hate me.
i'm still focusing most of my attention to you :)
maybe 70% ? :D
and i'm serious ;)

toodles ! :D

ps; i miss you very much.
more than i could have ever imagine.

CSC class


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010 1:33 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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