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Cecelia Ahern Meets Sudoku

if my memory still serves me right,
i remembered borrowing queeny a book by Cecelia Ahern.
after one book, i borrowed her another book.
also by Cecelia Ahern.

and then i borrowed farhah's book PS I Love You again just to realise that i've already read that book for three times.

the thing is i have the shortest memory -_-'
so i don't really remember the story's title.
i only remember how the story goes.
which is nonsense, i mean if you could actually memorise all the story plot,
you could actually remember what title the story is.

but that's just who i am :)
forgetful -__-'

from the beginning of the year, zaki has been recommending me to buy this 'one' book.
also by Cecelia Ahern.
unfortunately i haven't had the time to check it out and didn't had the money.
had the money but spent it on something else.
everything just mess up, errgh a long story -__-'

long to short, last month us family went to MPH cause izzat wants to buy his weekly d-mag something something [ can't be bother about it :P ], so i tagged along to buy a book too.
well ended up 2 BOOKS actually :P

A Place Called Here Pictures, Images and Photos

don't asked what happen to this picture.
yes, i perfectly ruined a perfect picture. tsk, its not really a perfect picture to start with anyway :|

well it was 20% off, even though it wasn't the hard cover version.
i still enjoyed reading it anyway.
though i don't really like her style of writing for 'The Gift'.
sorry zaki :/

i guess this is what i always do to pass my time.
did you know how boring it is to go to Banks and all ?
i hate going to that kind of place.
everybody looks so suspicious and creepy -__-'

i never want to pay at atm anymore.
though, the safety of online banking needs to be taken care too. sigh +_+

and is there such a thing called a travelling sudoku computer ?
if there is, i want to buy it :D
cause it's annoying that you have to buy loads and loads of
sudoku books -_-'

M&M hasn't published the volume 13th.
i have finished the volume 12th.
sheesh, why are you in this picture as well grumpy -__-'

anyway, back to my point.
i need to find new sudoku books or a small electronic sudoku.
if it exists, that is.

it's already 4:45 am.
i need to kick this bad habit of mine :|

again, tomorrow will be a boring day :|
eh jap, 18th December Awal Muharam kan ? :D heee *smilling sheepishly*

i need to get ready with my speech to persuade my parents to meet up with jojot X)
i miss you jojot ! :D

ps; - FEES; CHECKED. done paid.
BIMB ACCOUNT; CHECKED. done creating one.
now, what else do i need to do ? :/

-my phone hasn't been ringing for quite some time.
this is bad :/

-i'm not a bad friend, i'm not. really.
its just desperate situations calls for desperate measures.
once you're bad to me, it's normal for humans to get back :)
its just that, i do it involunteerly.

there are no boundaries

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