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Pictures At Kajang

omma: "nanti kat sana, belajar tau. tak payah boyfriend girlfriend.
kesian zaki nanti."

to those who knows what is going on with my love life right now,

cause i rolled on the floor after that statement was given out X)
at times like this,
it reminds me of how much i missed jojot, liyana, and the rest people who knows my situation :)

oh jojot would have laugh her ass off :)
and liyana would hug me and smile sheepishly that it shows how straight and white her teeth is.
who would have thought she wore braces before :)

damn -_-'
with that being said, i actually feel so lonely :|
when i shouldn't.
i mean, it's wrong.

it's like i'm being overly ungrateful.
so what, they are not here with me.
they have their lives, and i have mine.
and it's not like i won't see them anymore.
unless an unplanned accident that leads me to an accident.
this is sooo not helping -____-'

ok ok, dush !
back to senses.

okay, i don't mind sleeping at my hometown.
seriously, i dont. i don't mind being bored to death and being teased by my atok all day long.
i actually enjoyed that :P

but cmon ! no clothes to change into, no pyjamas, no toothbrush, no clean panties to wear.
ok way TMI.

but yeah seriously, i had to borrowed nenek's shirts and kain batik.
haih, dah jadi anak dara kampung asli sudah :D

plus i have an effing 5 days before i'm off to melaka.
and i haven't even done the checkup thing.
you are given three weeks after the registration to do the checkup thingy.
but like my parents want to waste their time to come and pick me up again.

by that time, along is already working.
and he won't have time to pick me up :|

is it just me, or even by writing this down, no body is going to understand the dilemma i'm going through ?
my life is hectic, let alone my friendship. and love life, errgh.
ok, let's end there.

i'm going to upload pictures.
tsk, do i really have to mention that -_-'

ps; pictures have been resized.

meet atok, and nenek's butt :D
yup, me and butt pictures.
my trademark. DON'T be a COPYCAT :P

talking about copycat :)
i didn't know his name at first,
so i have been calling him NoName.
until paklang called him labu -_-'

he wasn't tame with me at first, but once he got to know me,
he lay on my lap for a hour and went from so mischievous to meow-ing sleepy kitty :)
it's sad that he lost his mother :'(

atok was talking that time when i snap this :)
tch, now i realise why a photographer will never be satisfied with his own work.
i honestly think i need more training.

i couldnt choose which was much more prettier than the other.
so i'm just gonna let you guys choose :)
ps; please do click on the last picture.
you can see my blue eyes XD
and no, i don't wear contacts, thankyou very much :)
my parents prohibited me to.

pss; i look boobless -__-'
err, i shouldn't have said that :|

a story behind this pic;
i was taking pictures of the cat when she was opening the door.
i acted fast and aim the sniper at her. as a result, this picture :D
meet athirah. jap jap, mcm tu kan eja nama dia ? -_-'
teruk punya cousin :P

another story;
i had a small laugh after that, so i decided to do the same to aiman X)
who would have thought his reflexes was FAST.
bahaha muka bluuuuuur XD

unfortunately i couldn't do the same to babeh -_-'
babeh who weighs 40 kg, the same weight as sazzy falak.
BAHAHA and she's proud of it.

aww :)
i can pull it off.
i know :P
so who said i am BUDAK BANDAR ? :P
i know where i belong :)

well, uploading these pictures, really takes up alot of space and times.
and my storage of pictures isn't that big -_-'
heh, blogspot way of getting money :|

i think i'm gnna upload at facebook after this.
i'll still upload here if there's awesome pictures.
but i doubt that until next year.
or maaaybe not so :P

ps; new years.
both hands hold, wishing that i'll be home X)

you can't accept the fact that the change is good

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