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from tense to baskin robbins going through anime ending up with ukulele :)

ok benci kot!
bayangkan ar kan, you are playing persona/finalfantasy/needforspeed/ wtv games.
ok dh bayang?

next, you have played for almost 4 hours NON STOP, ok?
next, you've completed almost every single freaking QUESTS within that hours, or you have completed TONS of fights and watched the continuous storyline.

and because everything was done in a cool easy way, tot everything shud run smoothly,
the player forgets to save since, there were bunch of events that does not allow or the player xleh jumpe tmpat save -_-"

dh byg?


. . . .

izzat: " alang.. napa alang pandang lagi tv yg kosong tu."
kakjannah ( my maid ) : " farah!!! elektrik nggak ada! kok kamu duk apa tenung sama tv itu? "

how the heck should i actually react to this huh?

dude! even bunuh beribu2 org pun tak cukup KOT * not that i have the intention to do it anyway -_-" *

but seriously, i've played for non stop, sampai adik aku boleh sedap2 tidur kt dpn tv.
* sanggup dia tunggu aku lawan semua shadows tu hanya untuk tgk the next animation -_-" *

and TAK SAVE LANGSUNG! arghh! menjerit pun dah xleh sebab terlalu penat -_-"

so ape lagi?
what do i do best when i am tense?
anybody knows?

yes nisa, pandai nya! * iklan dumex :D *


since along and angah bought like 4 boxes of baskin robbins last sunday, YES PPL
4 BOXES :9

HAH kau!
biar puas sume tgk gmbr ni.
GEMUK la ko sorg2 -__-"
alert: underage are not allowed to view this.
yes, i FINISH all of the pralines and creams.

ape? kenapa x simpan utk u?
heh! beli sendiri ar!

factaboutfasya: YES PPL, i am a very greedy monster when it comes to my favourite foods.
so notetoself, don't ask fasya to hangout at sushi king/baskin robbins if you don't want to be afraid of being seen with me.

wah, dh lama kan, i tak post gmbr2 kt blog?
eh lama ke? NTAH :D

but probably lebih lama lagi i x post video MENYANYI! haha :D

oh oh!
disebabkan tgh giler skrg and bangga yg x psl2,
sile tekan link ni gaiaonline!!

wee :D
i've transformed my page at gaia!
it's as cool as ever! haha

oh oh to nisa and to the rest of you who do not know what is gaia, rajin kan lah jari anda utk menekan link TU :)
seriously, page i, ish... tgk je la :D

oh if u're not a fan of kingdom hearts or anime, don't even bother -_-"

please, scream with me :D

oh and there's a miniatures as well! :D

cute kan?? :3


secara tiba2, saya rindu pada cardcaptor sakura dan syaoran -_-"

kepada peminat WonderGirls :D

seriously, this funny yet AWESOME man
dude, ever since i was a child i've always admire hawaian songs!
ukulele is one of extrodinary instruments :D



- NYAMUK BANYAK GILER, asal ni -_-"
no seriously, i ckp bende yg betul ni.
ada byk giler nyamuk skrg ni.

arghh! darah aku x sedap di hisap la!! LOL

* mana kau tau fasya -_-" *

~ the girl who is finding what to do and what should she do

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