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zero means zero

everything that i want means nothing.
either to me, nor TO THEM.

as simple as THAT.

doesn't need to elaborate anymore on that.

yes, i am ANGRY right now.
yes, i am CRYING out loud.
but no, no one can HEAR IT at all.

trying hard to speak out.
but my effort dies in vain.
lost in space,
there at the corner i sat, sucking up the pain.

* ok emo kot -__-" *

dh dh, x psl2 aku nangis kang.
mcm x cukup kot perasaan sedih ni menyelubungi.
* wah asal hebat sgt bm ko malam ni fasya O_O *

sebenarnyer, lepas ayat tu, i have no idea anymore.
eh bukan bukan, ade byk idea, tpi x tau nk sambung camne. haha
sebab terlalu byk perasaan sedih ni, so x tau camne nk lepas kan.

actually, funny story about this. um... how should i say this.. hem..
ok, don't need to beat around the bushes, i never like that.
i mean, practically everyone already knows this. and some may not know.

here's the thing... in every single freaking word i am writing this right now, if it include one slight emoish meaning, practically some of us might say " OH, she hasn't got over the last relationship yet. "

its true, THAT'S LIFE.
i am a human, you are a human, we are humans.

so jumping to conclusions are natural habits of human being.
EEEEEVEN if some of us do not like to make their own conclusions without making sure it first,
we tend to predict things. our mind are extrordinary, it could make up BILLIONS of why's, what's, how's and so so on.

i'm not writing this to justify anything, actually i don't really know how the heck that came out from my mind -_-"

ok... actually right now i have no idea what to say anymore -__-"
argh.. this is hard.
when you have so many things to say, and you have so many emotional feelings going through your heart and soul,

and it's making you weak every single nano second.

you just don't know where to start untangling those feelings.
feel like my heart is locked in a box.

frankly speaking, i miss talking out my feelings.
i miss crying like a dumbass in front of my loved ones, and smilling all sheepishly at the end of that emoish conversation.

cause i know, at the end of it, there'll always be that sweet warm hugs and kisses.
and thats when i trully felt calm and know that, i am LOVED. haha

i know, that is so lame -_-"

i'm sorry...
time are passing, slipping through my fingers.
yet i'm stuck in this empty space.

i'm in between of dream and reality,
past and present,
lost and found.
i'm that middle.

i'm that NOTHING.

in every single steps i take forward, i kept looking back.

guess what?

for once,

i wish you'd never met me.

~tangled words.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 12:28 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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