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fashion, DURIAN CHIPS;ghazree:)

subang parade is having a japanese food fair.

dunno for how long, cause i was too mesmerized by the foods. yup typical me -_-"

dnt ask what is izzat doing, i dnt know either -__-"

and this is what i wore tonight.

is it weird?

btw, thats not a black jeans, its tights.
not skinny, but tights la. and its expendable! wee x la sakit kaki ku :D
sungguh berani nya kamu pakai fasya -_-"

farhah became totally confused these days, one day i'm wearing whole black like an emo girl.
one day, i'll pop at her house wearing all pinkish, which is what i have being doing lately :)

and another day, i'm gonna wear all tomboish skater girl.

and tonight, i'm wearing all classy 20's ala2 women.

and i'm not even 20 -__-"

but hey, fashion can be everything :)

plus i'm universal, i can be anything I WANT.

bigo bigo bigo bigo news!

hah! nampak tak tu? :)

percaya atau tak * pfft asal bahasa melayu ni?*


believe it or not, that these type of chips can only be found at THAILAND?
yes, only at thailand these chips are being sell.

why? why is it so special?


trust me, i hate durian SOO SO MUCH.
the only thing i could that has durian in it is, KUAH DURIAN.

don't ask why, but thats just me, i have no desire for durian -_-"

so anyway, few years ago dad came back from thailand, and bought me few of these chips, so test me out,

and guess what, I'M ADDICTED TO IT!

ever since then, everytime dad go to thailand, they'll buy me BOXES of it, and trust me, IT WAS MANY, but i could finish it in 4 days -_-"

another monster food side of me revealed -_-

so i want to make BIG THANKS to the person who bought this to me,
he has gone to macau and i think he's in the plane right now going to hongkong.

damn you, why can't you pack me in your luggage -_-"


seriously, i was shocked when you bought me this durian chips, i'm really touched :)


i can't thankyou enough! hoping to see you soon! and i'll definitely give you piano lessons for free ;)


-tgh guna mak punya laptop, agak ngong la laptop ni -__-"

-waaaaaaaaaa dah abeh cuti skola!! haha

-asal youtube xleh upload video i ni? :/
tgh stress giler ni!! X(

-gabebondocgabebondocgabebondocgabebondoc :)

FACT ONE OF FARHAH AND I ARE TWINS: our love relationship would only bring us tears -__-"

and we will always end up loving someone that does not appreciate us and have someone who we don't like, adoring us instead -_-"

ironic? i guess so.

ps; " i miss you fazra :) "

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Sunday, June 14, 2009 2:12 AM
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