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its officially.
Irham and Zaki ( and me coincidentally. loL! ) has made it clear and a final statement that on 29th of october, it's a BLUE DAY.
no ppl! its not blue as in blue colour or blue sky or so so on. its blue as in HORNY/ wtv they call when ppl talk about 18 sx stuff. loL!.
and it all started because of me. ???? who wld hve thought that a simple question would make such a big fuss. i mean all i wanna know its tht what was the right thing to do when you have a friend who is a girl/player/GS. pfft and no, you don't wanna know and you will not know. i will not state about that here. one mistake is enough for today. pffft -___-"
and now look at what i have done? every single thing that came out of my mouth is being interpreted wrongly by ZAKI and IRHAM. which is so not GOOD! i mean, tight? i don't get it! what is the relationship between a box and tight?? human in a bag? saaaay what?? pfft and pfft and pfffft! X(
queeny,tini,gjie and lala asking for DETAILS??? so wrongggg!!! loL! i mean, seriously. this whole day, every where i go its like learning biology in very deep, deep and personal way. pffft! ok ok. its not that i'm not open-minded about this. heck i used to have brothers that sit around the house and talks and jokes around 24hours about those stuff. which is EWWW! cause i'm the only girl X( oh well, i hope 12 am has officially state the end of HALIBILU.
urgh.. -________-" today is so wrong. yet can't fight the fact i had fun with everybody. eventhou i'm blur at times. hem.. moving on! oh and yeah, told cha not to hope that high. see? i get to online didn't i? haha yeah, my parents are like that. but sometimes, when they are really mean, you hve no idea wht they would really do.
kpd budak itu
saya sudah tak suka awak
saya sayang dgn boyfriend saya
saya ada kawan yang saya sayang
dan mereka sayang saya juga
jadi awak tolong takyah susahkan diri awak
untuk merisaukan pasal saya
saya sayang awak juga
tapi sbg kwn.
so get that into your head,
and move on silly!
haha giler takleh bla ckp. bak pepatah sharifah amani " i sound silly when i speak malay" haha
which i don't care. i look silly without even talking. which is weird, but true. rite ZAKI? -__-"
i just realise this is my first time writing a post in malay+english = rojak! kinda way. oh well. there's always first for everything rite? hem...
first for everything... zaki :) i'm getting all mushy again. ngeek XD

i think i'm tired because of all the excitment. and thnks guys (zaki,irham,shahril) for staying back for me. you must be tired from all of that.

oh and i like the new buletin that wanie posted ( one of form4 student from 9, she added me on myspace. yet i don't really know her X) )
its about what a boyfriend would do. which is sweet and true. :)

and can't wait for 2 days. :) wait a min. i'm looking forward to the day? weirdly enough. i never think about. pfft. forget it fasya. its just a another day that comes along every year. except if you're died of course. loL!

i wonder what tomorrow will bring me. :)
funny notes ; 1. gjie spanked me. or shud i say my trunk/butt. X) and this is what she said "giler spongy! like, oh my GOD! macam packed!" i don't really know what that means but i hope its a good thing. ngeek XD i guess now i know why my cousins likes to spank my butt all the time when they see me. its like a MUST. X) and queeny added saying i'm a dancer. so obvly i shld i have that. really? zaki is a dancer. but he doesn't have a spongy butt. i think. oh wait!! i've said too much! whoops sorry zaki! XD
2. my current mood and attitude is flowing towards sexiness which i'm still trying to find the definitions of sexy. -_-' i don't know why but maybe because zaki said i'm an anti-horny-ish. so first, i tot the new me could be good fr him. it was but then he started thinking to the wrong side. oh well. guess nobody really knows the other side of me. which they'll never gonna know. ;) might as well just keep it to myself and some certain pp
ls that have seen me being all sexy and dirty-ish. right kakya? ;) haha p/s: i'm not horny, i'm sexy ;) unlike you zaki, that statement doesn't work for you. XD

word of da day ; i'm not gay. i just like mens.

haha XDD zaki oh zaki!!! k then. see ya! thx for readin. ;) ave a nice day and remember! i love you :)


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:10 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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