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it seems that there are so many drafts in my box. every single post that i cud come up, end up unpublish n left hanging. n this was one of it

"i am a very jealous person. DOT
i let time pass right in front of me so easily. yet even if i use the time cautiously, i still don't have enough time for this.
BUSY. thats what the word stand for. lately, the only word that ppl used around me is BUSY. either intendedly or unintendedly. everything leads to BUSY. i'm not complaining yet i am not saying i am having fun with this. as i am BUSY like them. i'm tired/busy to write long blog. with spm choking us more and more, time is something that we're trying to chase on."

i dun even knw wht was i thinking tht time. this post was meant to express my feelings about how fed up i was to be in second place in every single thing. no, not second. i couldn't even reach the middle level. i'm always the last in everything.
fact no1 about people : they label.
-they make assumptions/judgements/predictions etc. without knowing the real situations. i'm not saying tht i never make assumptions. smtms its hard when nobody is telling you anything. you feel so left out that when you have problems and nobody is helping you or even listening, our thoughts plays with our mind. and eventually we conclude it by our own. but the fact that SOME ppl just judge me and thinks they know about me when they don't. heck they don't know what i hve been through. so shut up!
parents think they know whts best for us. WRONG. they knw whts best for them. just because you've been through it before, doesn't mean you have to put it all on us. yeah yeah, you wished you could hve done better. but if you've done better, would you be in this state right now? would y
ou be having us right now? the fact that they keep rewinding back their awful life and comparing to our so-called "too much fun" life, it makes me wonder, do they really know what are we going through? i mean if they 've been through it, of course they should know what we are dealing in everyday life. but it seems that they never gonna understand us.

"you are so lucky". PFFFFFT! thats the most stupidest thing i've ever heard. giving that statement to me, its like an airplane just lost contact with the airport and crashes to the ground. the fact that they never gonna walk in my shoes, has stop me from arguing such nonsense. i'm not trying to be such dramaqueen, but God has stated that everybody goes through the same situation in life. only they experience in a different way. so put a sock it in you dufus. 17 years. 17 years i've suffered enough pain. call me lame but when i was a child, a true friend is a person who says hi to you. thats how desperate i am inneed of friends. but i never tell or show. i just go through it like i always do. is life meant to be this way? going through it like its nothing more?

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Saturday, October 25, 2008 1:28 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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