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5th monthiversary

for starters, happy 5th monthiversary to ZAKI and me.

i don't know why but i'm abit emotionless rite now. probably because i'm too tired. i think.
or i'm thinking too much. and yes zaki, don't worry. i'll sleep. :|
hem, clueless of what to say. i am thinking too much i guess. but that is just me. one of these days i want to be at an open space with no one around, just sit there.. enjoy the wind blowing on my face, the breeze.. smell the fresh scent of nature.. admiring the the world from a far. just for once, away from all the misery,pain,tiredness. just release all those stress with one blow and relax... sweet silent and tranquility. anyone who wants to join me is always pleased. and yes zaki, you're a MUST. no option. you have to be there with me :)

i'm confused. was it the right thing to do? if it was, why do i feel this way? did i really mean all those words? or was it just anger or the pain talking? all i know that i do miss you. miss you that it hurts. i know i'm looking back at our past but i don't really regret that i'm here right now. all i want you to know that forgetting you is never gonna happen in my life. those memories are so precious that makes it hard to let it go. so i'm gonna keep it in my heart. but be the better person. and move on.

i'm sorry i've put you through so much. after all this time, you still stand by me. you never let me down. but all i could repay was pain. and still, you're here with me. even sorry couldn't be enough. your sacrifice are priceless. shit. being all emo plus listening to sad song is such a bad combo for me at night. believe me, i can't wait for that one day. you know who you are. yes, i'm talking to you. remember that day? we promise right? i'm keeping it. and all those advices? i'm living with it. don't worry too much. just do what you gotta do, watch me from a far. thank you. just like old times. i'll curse myself if i ever feel or say i'm all alone. cause i know, i'm not. never.

SORRY, i love you but we have our life to live on.

funny notes ; hem. let me be positive fo a sec. les fab still on the debate on making gjie realise she's not fat. haha.... hem. pralines and cream :)
scene in the car? we're like family. :) and i'm still gonna say this, i know things but i'm not that REALLY REALLy good at it. OK X)

loL! ya ALLAH. may tonight i have a sweet dream. at least not a nightmare again. :( that nightmare.

toodles~ spmspmspmspmspm *dreaming of prom*

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Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:58 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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