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while others are having fun, silently someone is crying.
while others are having a great time, silently someone is gasping for air.

for once, i feel so lonely and all alone in my entire life.
i can't even bring myself to call up my loved ones.
i need a shoulder to cry on. especially now.
but i just can't do this anymore.

everyone is already tired of me crying over and over again.
i'm so hopeless and useless..
i can't do this anymore..
why am i becoming so weak..

why am i being my old self again...

why is this happening all over again..
will the torturing ever stop ?!
all these tears and suffering ?

nobody even gives a damn about it!

then why am i still here ?
why am i still holding on to this pain !

can i just sleep and not wake up in the morning ?
can i ?
pretty please.
i just can't do this anymore..

i don't really mean anything in this world.
so why am i still here ?

stupid question..
stupid me..

i'm being all crazy again...

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Thursday, September 9, 2010 12:11 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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