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Taken For Granted

salam :)

ok ok. i know i haven't been there much.
but i've been quite busy. and everytime i got free time, i used that moment to snooze off.
totally lazy. but alot has happened.
too many things to take in, ya know ?

but that doesn't mean i don't miss blogging. well, not really. OPS >,<
well i miss it abit. but not as much as i did before.
oh well.

my blog has become a place for depressing moments only -__-'
err ....

oh its raya.
Selamat Hari Raya.
not a very happy raya for me.
but i hope it turn out ok for you guys.

i mean of course, it is nice to meet all my families, and being together again.
but i just wish the fight between my families and my relationship didn't happened.
seriously, i'm really down about that.

see, depressing moments again.

nonstop of crying.
haih, maybe this year, i just can't get any rainbow in my life.
everything is just in mess in every single aspect.

oh and i miss goofing off with ira. recording songs and laughing about it.
yeah, maybe i should start doing that again...
time time time.

oh well, i just can't sleep no more.
especially with all these problems going on.
and somehow i wish you of all people in this world could understand me better.
but i just can never get that.
i just don't how much more i can take.

my heart is getting heavier each day.
and you ain't even there to help me cope.
i'm holding on the hands of someone who doesn't want to be held.
whats wrong with this picture ?

its me.
not you. but me.
it has always been me.
oh well.

ps; has this 7 months become meaningless to you ?
have you look back and feeling empty about it ?
whats in you heart ?
i don't even know.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010 6:02 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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