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Qoute 2#

"i can't stay still, i don't trust easily.
so MAKE me believe in you, keep me close to you.
then there's nothing to worry.
i'm all yours, as long as you want me to"

i know i know.

"it's hard. not only because you don't know. cause you don't feel what i feel."


"for you, i can do anything. everything.
but there's one thing that i couldn't do, even if you ask me to.
and that is, not to love you."


bahaha XD

and yes moose.
i am full of cheesy meesy words.
not because i'm in the moment.

just felt like expressing it out.

i always have inspiration for quotes :P

just never want to show it :P
haha XD

"i love you,
thats why i miss you,
meaning that i care about you,
and i'll never leave you,
because i NEED YOU."

bahahaha XD
i'm so good :)
hahah :'D

"pain may heal but the scars remain."


"fixing a broken heart is like reassembling the pieces of a broken mirror and you cut yourself in the process."

is it just me or its getting emoish ? 0_o


oh well.
off to upload more pictures :)

ps; please. i need you.
like i always do :)

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Saturday, April 3, 2010 5:17 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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