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Random Thoughts

ps; this post was meant to be post on 15th of May, but i didnt complete it -__-'

why do we like to hurt so much ?
why do i like to put myself in horrible situations ?
it's not like i enjoy to be hurt.
do u ?
of course you don't.

but then, in every angle of life, we always throw ourselves in such terrible places.
either unwillingly.. or WILLINGLY.

you know why we are willing to be hurt by people, to hurt ourselves ?
because we always put others first.
and that's the problem.

i'm not saying as if i'm smart enough to handle my own problem.
to be honest, i'm having the same problem as you are my friend.

i tend to blind my eyes and let my heart out open wide so that people could actually stomp on it.
which is crazy, but that's what i do.
willing or unwillingly.
because i love them..

in hopes that they could actually see that and stop,
but they don't.
thats why they don't appreciate as how they should.
in the end, they took you lightly and hurt you.

the reason that i am writing this post..
is because today i have marked a day that i let myself being hurt again by my loved ones.

i'm already used to it.
at least that's a perfect excuse for me to cover up how broken hearted i am.

but you know, with one simple sorry or even looking at their eyes,
since you're already love them so much that you sacrifice your feelings for them, of course, when they say they're sorry,
you would straight away blindly forgive them.

i stopped there -__-'
ok i don't knw how to continue this post :|

ok, one last sentence.
that blindly forgive thingy ?
well i don't know about u, but i do that often.

oh well-___-'

ps; i miss you. real bad.
you're still a friend that i need.
stop acting this way.
do you really love me ? sigh..


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Thursday, May 20, 2010 4:59 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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