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Nothing To Say 0_0

let me just say i am the GREEEEEEATEST Procrastinator ev-ah! ;)
i've been home for 5 days, and i have yet to update my blog.
like pfft, it's not like i'm busy.
i online Facebook 24-7 ever since i got home.
and i opened my blog daily.
oh which reminds me, i have yet to complete reading fazra's blog -__-'

i've been missing alot !! X'(

i've been living under a rock :'(
oh well..
i've got 2 months to catch up with things :)

i need to find job regardless of not allowed to work during sem break.
it's not the money that i'm aiming, it's the time.
well then again, maybe not working wouldn't be that bad..

oh no no no ! staying up until 6 am ? and waking at 2 pm !
OH my Oh my.
now that wouldn't do me good, would it ?

oh i know alot of people already post this but..


ps; don't worry nunu, you'll be coming back to Malaysia soon right ? :D

the last decent picture with my oppa :3

no offence oppa, but most of our picture were like.. err controversial ? LOL
plus you always make faces -__-'

anyway, credits to tina for capturing it secretly :P
it come out pretty good.
thx to you, i have a great pic of me and my husband ;)
haha !

anyway, it's 5.15 am.
i don't know what to say anymore.
oh oh !

i'll be reading and eating up all your posts soon k.
fazra, nuha, atok, and the rest blogger whom i've been not updating myself with -___-'

i need to stop being lazy.
but i can't help it that i always online with my butt on the bed *smile with eyes closed*

oh oh random fact, will not really.
this post, it was meant for yesterday.
see, there i go again ! procrastinate *smiles with eyes closed*

oh well :)

current song listening: you belong with - taylor swift
ps; i'm confused. i miss you. please call. or sms ? one sms would ease me :)
but please, don't stop sms me at all. even when you're mad.
pretty please ?
i love you :)



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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 3:59 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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