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Boyfriend's Ex

at this moment,
i wish that there was a manual for 'How To Talk To Your Boyfriend's ExGirlfriend'.

cause i don't know :|

i mean, unless she has a boyfriend already.
but the fact that she doesn't.
and the fact she stills care for my boyfriend.

how did i know that ? cause i'm chatting with her right now 0_0
well, she does most of the chatting.
while i just went from bad mood to overdose with sadness and pain now -__-'

oh god, she's asking me to take care of him.
i know it's nice but why is it so hard for me to swallow this in !

so what, she's prettier ! she's skinny ! well at least she has the model figure that girls die for.
so i can't help myself for feeling insecure !
oh god ! she said that they were going to get engaged !
"tapi jodoh tda.."

oh that helps me very much !
the funny thing, she seems like she's trying to make me see the good side of him.
and whats with this talk saying "jangan gado2" and "fhmi dia"

like wth ?

i'm on the edge of pushing myself off the cliff.
why ?
now she is saying something opposite of what i heard before.

i'm being lied again and again.

oh great, i'm such a hypocrite.

me :"oh really ? thx."

oh right oppa , jaga hati i ek ?
pfft f*.


should i say it to her ? so that she get a smack in the face? a slap back to reality ?

since i don't know who's lying and who's telling the truth ? *evil smile*


well, that shut her up for good.
why ? can't face the truth ?
too bad.

i'm sorry, i can't be hypocrite like u.
i'm sorry, i don't live to please people honey.
your lies won't do you any good.

where's the manual when you need one.

fasya out !
i always wanted to say that :B

ps; i'm broken. again and again.
now, there's no body to trust, and no one to hold on to.
i'm alone again.
i have friends, but i feel so lonely.
heh, how pathetic..



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Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:32 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
FASYA IBRAHIM (facebook)
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