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Today I Saw A Firefly in TPH 1303

i'm like a monkey who just hit a jackpot of bananas.

well unfortunately in my situation,
i don't get to see fireflies in everyday life.
i've never seen one live in front of my own eyes before.
thats why i wrote this on my blog :3

kidot predict that i would write.
well she predicted right :)

oh kidot is my roomie :)

oh come to think of it, i never told you about my roomies.
well aira already went away.
so all thats left is only 2 roomies.
so in 1303,
only 3 students staying in.

bahaha, i hope i will stay in the same room :)
why ? cause i just love the number 1303 :)

oh wait i'm off the topic -__-'

meet amy (left) and kidot (right)
i love them :)
i hope that i will stay roommates with them.
there's no other people i would want to share room other than them :)
we click yo ;)

i don't mind walking all the way up to the third floor, eventhough it is tiring.
but 1303 will always be in my heart :)
uitm di hati ku ?
maaaaaybe XD

oh well, off to study more bbm :)
wish me luck peeps ;)

ps; i just realised how miserable i am without you oppa.
how am i going to stand the 2 months ? :|
oh God, help me -__-'
i do not need a reason to hate myself now :(

pss; i love u AZLAN SULAIMAN :)

nothing on you - B.o.B ft bruno mars

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 12:30 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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