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Quotes and Friend :)

just felt like posting few quotes that i wrote for myself and based from experiences.

"if you ask me not to leave you, then i won't leave you. but if you ask me not to love you, then i'm sorry. i just can't do that."

"of all the lies that i've heard, I LOVE YOU was my favourite"

emo yet, i love that.
i got that from asyue :)
wanna know who's that ?

well she stays next to my room :)
we got close through dance training :)
she's tall and skinny and pretty
of all people, she keeps LOADS AND LOADS of quotes.
seriously, she's amazing :)

oh wait, i end up talking about my next door neighbour -__-'

anyway, this picture was taken during busking.
the lighting was awesome, so i decided to make her my model.
well alot of people had to be my model that night :D

i like this picture alot :)
and i love the person in this picture alot too !

no matter what people say, i will always love you.
things was rough back then, but i still believe in second chances.
just don't be afraid, if you are on the right side, then there's nothing to fear.

truth will always reveals itself.
that is a guaranteed karma :)

oh more quotes

"it's already hard enough for me to say I LOVE YOU. now you're leaving me slowly, what am i suppose to do ?
throw away my feelings? "

well i'm in hurry right now.
i'm just onlining cause i was bored of waiting to take shower.
oh well :)

at least i update this blog :)
i miss blogging so badly.
and i miss reading everybody's blog -_-'

i miss you fazra ! nuha ! at0k! :)
and loads more whom i can't write out cause it'll take more than an hour.
haha now thats a full mouth :D

till next time, toodles ;)

ps; wouldn't it be nice if you just say what you mean to say ? :)
lies are just tiring, don't you think ? :)

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:23 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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