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Falling To Bits and Pieces

it's normal.
to cry for no reason.
i mean sure.

there's gonna be that one day or one night where you feel like just sitting alone, probably listening to the wind or even songs, and you end up with tears on your face.


at times like this,
have you ever asked yourself..

were you crying because you were all alone, or because you FELT so alone ?

and do you really need someone to be by you side just to say,

"hey, whats wrong?
cmon, tell me whats ur problem. maybe it'll ease the pain alil.
hey, i'm here. aww"

the thing IS...

what should i say if i was crying for nothing ??
i mean..

i know it's weird to cry when there's nothing wrong.

that is just it!
i just felt like crying!
that's all.
and it may be alil pathetic but i just can't help it..

but it would be nice if you don't talk that much..
just sit by my side and hold me close to your arms and..
just say you love me..

there's nothing you can do if there's nothing wrong with me, right ?

so stop talking as if there's something wrong with me !

just be there..

"you say it best, WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL"

they don't just write songs blindly, you know.
it gotta means something.

is it so hard ?
to just look into my eyes, and mean what you really want to say to me ?
to just say those three words with passion and honesty?

wanna know something funny ?
i have been pretending in alot of situations.
i never thought this is the worst situation i've ever been.
i thought that pretending is already in my blood.
so why is it hard for me to do this ?
what is so damn different right now ?

have i become too honest with people that i can't lie anymore ?
heh, i still smile even when i'm sad.
so whats the effing different now ??
urrrgh !!!

what is wrong with me ?
am i really that different now ?

am i really that weak ?

to those who is reading this,
i still love you..
but probably tonight i'm just TOO selfish to think straight to even pick up the phone or knock on the door to cry on your shoulder.

it would be nice, but it's better if i just sit infront of this lappieto and cry my eyes out while my roomies are fast asleep.


i need to rest.
got another exam.
hw nice -_-'

yup there goes the first smiley in this post.

ps; i miss those dozens of kisses and hugs.
i miss alot of things..
i miss those lil things that gives butterflies to my tummy.
those sweet things that would lit up the smile on my day.
you know ?

can't have you, can't live without you

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 1:51 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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