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Taaaaaagged by Fazra

cutest mammal:
damn. tough one -_-'
i love pandas. and i love horses too.
but i'd go mad when i see these mammals :)

ugliest mammal:

tak nampak scary ke ? -__-'

cutest bird:

birds that can't fly :D

ugliest bird:

dirtiest bird :|

coolest fish:

i always thought that seahorse are one of the unique fishes ever since i was lil.
ps; oit fazra sayang, dolphins are mammals are -_-'
ish3, baru je satu bulan habis skola. sudah lupa suma ek :P

ugliest fish:

ok. maybe nt the ugliest. maybe scariest, most dangerous 0___0
one of the main reason i'm scared of the clear blue water -_-'
but that doesn't mean i don't swim :)

animals you own:
non existent

are you for testing human products on animals?
neeevaaaaah 0_0

what's the weirdest looking animal?
alot comes in mind -__-'

what's your favorite animal?
cats, horses and and rabbits. and hamsters :D

what animal would you love to be?
agreeed. horse :)

what animal can you draw the best?
mickey mouse. bhahaha XD

what animal do you most resemble? [if you don't know, ask someone]
they said my eyes are like a cat's eye 8D
but my energy are like a rabbit who hops alot X)

do you give your pets human food?
well. used to. cats like fish with nasi, ya see ?

have you ever eaten pet food?
nope. ok maybe once -__-' it was a cat food -__-' curiosity kills the cat :P

what tricks have you taught to animals?
to not ran away when i gave them a bath. LOL

what's the lamest name you ever gave to a pet?
no name -_-'

when you visit a pound, do you feel more sad, or more annoyed?
who on their right mind would feel annoyed. have you have no heart ? 0_o
sad of course !

You have a power to make animals talk. What animals would you choose?
ants ! i wish i could tell them not to bite me or go walking around on my stuffs.

yey ! succeeded on my first tag.

who would i like to tag ?
heemm :)

oh. i know i know :D
nuha and nasquin. and and cikdila :D
muahha >:)

ok toodles.
off to bed.
two tags to go ! :D

listening to who said - hannah montana


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Saturday, January 23, 2010 2:03 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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