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Almost One Month Being A U Student

assalamualaikum :)
you might have guessed, but i want to say it anyway.
i'm home :)
[wifi kat umah laju ! senang nak upload pictures :)]

whether there's gonna be a gotong-royong or not tomorrow,
thats not my problem anymore.
i mean, you can't blame me for not getting the right information -_-'

the seniors on my level said there wouldn't be any gotong-royong this week.
but some seniors said there'll be one.
so who should we listen ?

but there's more stamp to get.
i'm just glad i'm home. safe and sound :)

and and aini is sleeping over !
gosh, an unplanned sleep over XD
haha :D

she snores and she sleep talks XD
whoa, WHAAAT a BIIIIG mouth you've got there fasya :D

but she did warned me about her snoring.
she said she's tired.

i snore too when i'm tired -__-'

reasons why i need to be home:

-my contact solution is finished :(
-i need to find a wig for my sketch next 2 weeks X)
-my colgate has finished -_-'
-need to find polistrene for my room
-need to find a mirror
-props for my sketch :D
-my Downy has teensy weensy left :'(
-and and my family want to celebrate daddy's birthday and promotion ! :D

congrats daddy :D
and sorry that i forgot about your birthday -_-'
i realised now why people always say how they forgot birthdays.
you get so caught up with studies.

i promise not to eat maggi too much :)
err need to find another alternative -_-'

foods at Lendu are too pricy :(

tsk, omma will shriek if she finds out i'm tie-ing my stomach because of money -_-'
i can't help it.
i don't want to use the money she gave me blindly for food.
i need that money for better things and alot more important things.

no, not books.
i'm lucky enough to have a friend who is one sem senior than me :D

its the fees, fees, fess 0_0
and foods -__-'

this was taken on the day before the lectures week begin.
nazif and farhah was kind enough to bring me along to tour around alor gajah.
and nazif was so sweet to find where my classes are going to be held that time :)

thankyou nazif, for searching the class for me :)

you helped me alot :)
i didn't get lost not once :D

oh well, more stories about that later.
i mean, MORNING :D



haha ! she snores again XD

oh how i love you aini X)

farhah, sorry that you couldnt be here :)
have fun in your modul :)

listening to louboutins - Jennifer Lopez

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Saturday, January 23, 2010 3:14 AM
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