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Super Junior/SS501 poster

are you bored reading all my babble-ing about my UiTM life ?
i mean, like all my latest post are all in my UiTM label folder post -__-'

maybe it's because i haven't been updating like every single day, so all that i always do when i open my blog is,
UiTM UiTM UiTM -__-'

semangat UiTM la tu :P
not ? haha XD
ok maybe alil :P

but anyway, here's another post about UiTM.
buuuuuuutttt !
it involves Super Junior.
muahaha >:D

suspense tak ? LOL :P

i've already showed jojot and nurul.
but i still want to brag it on my blog X)

you might think this is like a small thing.
but little do you know that the smallest thing can cheer me up for the day :)

the day before i went back last 2 weeks ago,
huda gave me something.
at first i thought she was just going to show it.

but all of a sudden she said, " nak tak ? ambik la. "

and i was like, GOOOOD.

ok. only the people who were there on that day saw how jumpy i was, how LOOOOOUD i was.

THAAAAANK YOU soooooo much :)

don't worry.
a clear picture of this will be taken soon :)

i love huda :)
and ofcourse you as well la geeja inDOOON
haha XD

it's two side poster.
one side is super junior and the other side is ss501 XD
haha :D

yes, be greeeeen with envy my friend :)
i have found what i want to put on my wall :)

ok la.
braodband slow.
waited for so long for the pictures to be upload.

ps; i'm soooo confused whether to go home or not ?
i have this gotong-royong.
but it's not important.
i just wish i could go home and settle everything and come back here in instant.

i don't want to burden my family :(
and yes, i miss them so much -__-'

toodles ;)

pss; i'm doing fine :)
thx to you FWB :)

Azan Zuhur

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Thursday, January 21, 2010 4:18 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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