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Here Comes The Emoish Fasya

i know i shouldn't feel this way.
it's just that..
i feel like i'm not here.
i mean.. we all have this kind of feeling.

you knoooow...
when you feel like, you're physically there but... NOT there.

it's like your entire body is located here, but your soul is flying somewhere.
so basically you're not really there.

errghh you get my point right ?

at this moment, i feel like i'm standing on a thin wall.
barely standing still.
i can't move. cause if i do, i'd fall.
and God knows, how far down it goes :|


and sometimes, i just can't find a reason why i'm still here.
i'm stuck.
i know i need help.

but my hands ain't reaching.
and no one is noticing the pain i'm going through.

is my smile really that powerful ?

sometimes i asked myself, am i really here at UiTM ?
are you sure i'm here ?

there are certain times, the question seems nonsense.
i mean, troubles will always pinch me back to reality.

but the feeling slip away so quickly.
and i'm back to my soul-less persona.

honestly ? i actually want to run away from here.

enough said.

ps; can't go back this week, because there'll be a modul this saturday and sunday.
first time spending weekends at Lendu.
and no, this is not the reason why i want to run away :|

i'm nothing

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Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:34 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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