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Pictures During MMS Week

27/12/2009 till 31/12/2009

this is izzati.
at first, i thought i could call her as a friend.
and i thought i could call her as my trustworthy room mate [yes, she's my room mate. i shared my room with three girls.]
and i also thought, if she is one year older than me, then that just means she is much more wiser.

i knew it from the beginning to not judge a person by their looks.

right now, all i could call her is my colleague.
non other than that.

the real day of registration where all students have to get stamps from lecturers and get everything settle and done.
it was hot, it was packed and tiring.

but Dataran Keris was too beautiful that i couldn't miss out the chance to take pictures of it.

this is the view from Dataran Keris.
i took the first picture of Dataran Keris when i was on the second floor.
well when i took this picture, i was no longer there.
i mean cmon, i can't be in two places in one time.
but i wish i could -___-'

i thanked Allah for giving me these people.
though we are far apart now, my heart still yearn for you guys.
i miss you guys so much.
there was never one second we had an awkward moment.
ever since i was Jaebum's picture on Huda's phone, i knew that i have found a friend :D
haha :D
that is how i first talked to her.
it was all thanks to Jaebum's picture :)
thankeeeeyouuu KPOP ! XD

ps; when i say far apart, i mean, we are not in the same class. we are not near to each other's room.

oh yeah, from left to right; geeja, gee and huda :)

tired, stress, sweating.
the results from only 2 hours of sleep and walking from one place to another.

ps; geeja also happens to be my old school mate in SRKS 18.
i don't know how i remember her face, all i know that i've seen her before at 18.
she was not in my class.
but i still remember her.
she was surprised herself that i remember her :)
i am surprised myself that i was brave enough to ask her whether she has live at 18 before -__-'
coincidentally, SHE HAS :D
and i was right.
she was in my batch X)

meeting old friends again :)

the girl who is wearing blue fan-ing herself, thats amalina aka ANN.
she's also one year older than me.
but awesomely great.
she's quite short, so her age doesn't really show :P
yes, i am stating this in my blog ann :P
damn, i miss you guys -__-'

oh and ann is like more to JPOP.
anything about JPOP, she knows.
and i mean, SHE KNOOOWS :O

oh and she knows how to speak japanes X)
how cool is that :D
oh huda knows tooo :D

i misssss you guys !!! see i even write it out tons of times -__-'

they always makes me laugh :)

was just testing whether all of us could be in the picture.
suddenly geeja notices it -__-'
geeja always notice when i take pictures :P

one of the advantages of students who is having period.
haha !
those who can't pray, can sleep during the prayers -__-'
um, kak hada did said this should not be told to anyone LOL
please, we were too tired to even think straight -__-'
sleep was the only cure for our disease :|

this is farhana aka ANNA.
keturunan Al-Juffrey :P
well she is -__-'
she's very pretty and the reason i know her, is all because... well because we're masscomm-ers and we talked alot :P

and i'm happy when i found out that she's in the same class as mine :)

a clearer version of her :)
you see how cute we are X)

me holding the fan, and i was the one who took this picture.
it was quite hard actually -_-'
behind the fan, is huda and ann watching jpop videos -__-'
LOL trying to keep awake with jpop :P
but it really works, it really does !
once u make me start talking about kpop, i went from sleepy to energetic mood :D

Campus Tour Day.
i can't helped but to take this picture.
it was too beautiful eventhough it was hot that time.

huda: "you ni, takde bende ke yg you takleh buat ? you ni multi talented ek ?"

i think not alot of people notices that. and i'm so touched that you are one of those people who actually understood me and take me as i am and praise my specialty.
its hard to find a person who loves you :)
and i'm glad i found you huda :)

when others would be jealous and trash me out, instead you smile and take me in :)
duuuude ! cheesy much -__-'
haha :D
but i mean it. really :)

that night, it was raining, so for the first time, we didnt have to walk all the way to Dewan Bendahara.
taking the bus, feels like being in school again :)
and i miss it ! LOL

because of Gee's condition, me and huda had to piggy back ride her.
too bad geeja didn't took a picture when i was carrying gee -__-'

yes, i carried gee :P
and then huda took over when we were half way to Dewan Syahbandar.
oh i just remember, this was taken on our last day of MMS.

we were lucky the MMS was going on for 4 days only X)
but i don't think we're that lucky.
i mean, the organizer was like cramping the seven days of hell *ehem* i mean MMS into 4days.
so you have to understand what we have to go through -__-'

ofcourse, at the ending of MMS, there's always a footage of all photos that has been taken by the facilitators.
thank god, there was no picture of me in it :P

this is izzati.
she's from Kuching, Sarawak.
somehow she reminds me of queeny -_-'
not because she's from Sarawak or anything.
it's just, she wears specs and has the same shape of upper lips like queeny -__-'
and she's really quiet at first. she doesn't talk much -_-'
so different than me.

oh but queeny is different from izzati.
cause once you got to know her, she talks.. err alot ? XD
and i'm not saying its a bad thing :P

i just realise i didn't took pictures with yumi.
yumi is the girl on the back, with no spectacles.
she calls me cartoon because of my personalities and attitude -__-'
she was the first one to call me cartoon :D

cartoon is cute right ? :P

taken during lining up to walk out from the dewan.
i mean ended :P

thank you huda, for being tall :P
though MMS was tough, i think what i miss the most is spending with these people.
i really miss them so much.
its hard to understand and eat the fact that we are living in the same campus yet it is hard to meet up or hang out with each other :(

oh, a clear picture of yumi :)

hah ! this senior.
fuh, she has 'taught' me how to be patient.

ok here's story.
while we were practicing the songs, the seniors think we were not giving enough effort singing the songs.
and all of us cannot refer to the lyrics that was given in a pamphlet.
someone who was standing in front of me put the pamphlet on her chair.
so this 'SEEENIOR', [yes i am emphasizing this]
saw the pamplet and went ballistic and snatched the pamphlet.
she was YELLING, asking who does the pamphlet belongs to.
i was still focused with the song. i kept on singing.
all of a sudden, she throwed the pamphlet onto the ground and the pamphlet happens to hit my feet.

DUUUUDE, you have no idea how i felt.
i was so mad, that the pamphlet was not mine, but still...
my patient has its limit.

ok, enough.
i can rest assured that i am fine.
and i was fine then as well.
because i know it was just their trick to get us singing with all our heart.
pfft yeah, with ALLLL our heart huh ?

let bygone by gone honey :)

after the MMS end, omma and daddy picked me up.
so i spent my New Years Eve at home.

and, thats that.
i hope you guys reading this.
and if you are, then, i love you.
bahaha XD

huda,geeja,gee,ann,yumi and izz.
i miss you guys so much.
being with you guys was the best.
i think i am myself when i am with you guys.
and i mean it.

i don't really like being in class.
and... huh..
ok, enough said.

i just missed you guys k :)

ps; alot more to post.
i'll try to catch up with things.

MMS Review 1#
Registration Day 27/12/009

True Friends are not only there because you want them to be there,
it's because they want to be there for you :)
and that is just TRUE :)

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