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Bel 120

going back feels like...
nothing ?
don't get me wrong.

i love going home.
it's much better than living in the college doing nothing -__-'
plus i love my own bed :)

the thing is last week flies by TOOOOO fast.
like, really really fast 0_0
it's like, one second i'm at lendu, and then i'm back slobbering on my favourite pillow.
and now i'm here, LENDU.
doing my effing hills of assignments [exaggerating -__-']

but yeah.
i feel like i didn't spend much time with my cousins.
and i think i didn't help them much for kaktati's wedding.
i honestly wish i could stay there last sunday, cleaning up all the messes.
like we cousins always do :)

yes it is tiring, but man does it feel good :D
apa yang penting ? KERJASAMA ! haha

oh right, AJL.
dude ! i don't even know there was AJL.
heh, like i care -__-'

oh and guess, i shouldn't be here right now.
cause i have assignments to do :D

hagging the broadband is... fun ? :D

hahah no. don't get me wrong again.
i'm finding information -__-'

guilty -,-'

ok off to do the list of names for exco komed.

ps; this sucks.
i want to go home this week :(


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 12:50 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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