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MMS Review 1#

currently, my throat hurts badly.
i cough alot.
yet i still drink cold water.
yes, serves me right because of my stubbornness -__-'
*cough cough*

it's annoying.
it's like something is itching inside of ur neck, but you know you can't reach it to clear it up.
*cough cough*

and i tend to become lazy once i reached home -__-'
as in, i become easily tired.
so all i did after i got back last thursday, was SLEEP.

UiTM really took all that is left in me :|

ok, lets start the long post now -__-'

i know that if i post this last week, it would be too soon for me to say it.
but i want to say it today, right now.

i do.
with all my heart.
ok, maybe 70%.
tsk :|

let me do the review for the MMS week first.

as what part 1 students always has to go through during MMS.
we have stay awake until 2 o'clock and woke up at 4.30 am.
i think, at least for MMS.

the walking from my block to the dewan.
since my block is like at the end of the campus, it is quite far from the faculty and where the classes are being held.
don't worry, i've put on a positive thinking that this would help me in losing weight.

i tot that i had enough baju kurung. i was wrong.
i had recycle most of my baju kurung.
its ok, it's like travelling, except it is not. and the temperature is high.

i love my sport shoes very much.
i've been wearing it ever since i was form 1, if i'm not mistaken.
and it has never been ruined.
right on time in MMS, suddenly it got ripped.
i brought only one sport shoes.
even though i laughed while wearing it, my heart burst into tears.
knowing how ashamed i am, knowing something i love is ripped.
don't worry, the shoes has been fixed.
and to think i went with my family to SACC to buy a new sport shoes last weekend, i ended up home bringing a new handbag and 2 shoes to wear to lecturers -__-'

i love to stand out off the crowd.
thats just who i am.
but unfortunately, nobody in UiTM likes a person who has tons of advantages more than what they have.
I'm sooooo sorry that I am so much better than you in many ways.
and i'm not being sarcastic at all.
enough said.

I cried on the second night and the third night on MMS.
yes, i'm being honest with you guys right now.
the second night, i called farhah.
so she knows what was going on in my mind.
the third night, i called jojot.
it was tough.
and i have expected it to be that way.

there was one day where the speech ended earlier than it should be,
and we thought for once in MMS, we could sleep early.
they ended up keeping us in that dewan by torturing our minds and voice.
yes, our voice.
kept training and training the singing for the closure of MMS.

the last night of MMS,
they as in the facilitators, acted their part very well.
they made us believe that they were fighting with each other because of us.
i was almost screaming and yelling just to sing right.
it wasn't good enough for them.
after all the torture, it ended up being a scam.
they set it up, to celerate those part ones who were having their birthdays in December.
it was nice, sweet but was wrong.
almost 20 girls had hysteria because of that.
and when i said hysteria, i mean HYSTERIA.
yelling, screaming, like crazy people.
you know what i mean.

thinking about what happen on the last night.
still creeps me out.

oh yeah, daddy came on the third day of MMS to give me an umbrella and a basket with plastic for my room.
dustbin is needed, obviously.

what else..
hem there so many things that happen during MMS.
even i couldn't remembered.
i don't want to remember actually.
well, if i ever remember i'll write it up.

lets move on with the pictures from MMS.

ps; i tot that i lost my phone during MMS.
but i didnt.
LOL, more details on that later.

Registration Day 27/12/2009



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