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Pros and Cons

Good news:
daddy decided to give away his broadband to me.
funny thing is, i asked for a pendrive -__-'
what was the malay phrase again ?
pucuk dicita, ulam yang datang ?
if i'm not mistaken.
tsk, i have a sudden urge of reading nuha's blog -__-'

well, you get my point anyway :|

BAAD news:
before daddy gave me his broadband, he gave me this free pendrive he got for a gift from this certain company *ehem*,
so there were virus in it.
i forgot to save the essay that i wrote on microsoft word.
all of a sudden, the laptop went hang and restart itself.

too bad the microsoft didn't recover the essay that i write.
i thought it would, i spent 10 minutes trying to understand why it was not recovered.

but i gave up, so now i'm depressed because i need to write the essay again.
pfft lost all the good points i had just now.

NOTETOSELF: always save after writing a document MISS KNUCKLEHEAD.
pfft :|

oh well, at least i have a broadand now :P
off to write again that essay.

ps; why 200 till 300 words only ? -___-'
just when i have so many ideas :|

Pros and Cons of Social Networks to Teenagers

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Saturday, January 9, 2010 3:56 PM
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