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MMS Review 2#

NOTES during MMS.

1. i volunteered myself to lead zikrullah on the first day of MMS. thats how people got to know me.
2. i went on stage to be a Penghuluwati, though i didn't get it. and the reason was STUPID. funny how malays mentality is still old :|
3. i was dragged on stage during Senam Ala Seni Malaysia. funny story about this.
detailed story later :) long to short, i lead the Senam Ala Seni Malaysia :) *bangga nyer kau -_-'*
4. during campus tour, i was assigned as the leader for all masscom girls.

in other word, i did alot of leading and i expose myself in many activities that made alot of big impressions to everybody.
so i'm not really surprise when people suddenly say " HAI FASYA! " when i don't even know them -__-'

honestly, there's alot more, but i don't really remember that much -__-'

MMS really taught me alot things.

MMS has made me more famous or popular than i thought i could have been :P

for now, hyperactive girl or multi-purpose girl is stuck as my middle name :)
i just hope i get all the pictures that was taken from the seniors on MMS soon :)

ps; i'm going to post this back once i got the pictures.
it would be easier that way :)
i'm doing this now, because i have forgot alot of things.

it's hard having a short term memory.
though i can never forget THE PAIN :)

i miss the times i spent with my friends in MMS

i hate period -__-'


off to do journal for LIB 102 X)
or... not -__-'


no boundaries - kris allen


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:57 AM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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