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Matrix Card and Spaghetti X)

at time like this the broadband is acting up -___-'
and i was just about to upload something important :)

and no, it's not the picture below -__-'
oh oh !
i'm addicted to dadih X)
i just took that picture few seconds ago.
just want to show how am i doing here :)

looks can be deceiving, don't ya think ? :)

i've been buying it to cool the heat that surrounds Lendu -__-'

i think the one who made this dadih is a genius. cause it is soooo tasty X)
love love it soo much ! :D

oh oh and i got my matrix card today ! [check it out check it out check it out :D]
yey ! no more big signboard on my forehead saying freshmans -__-'

but one of the seniors from the MMS who still remembers my face said something that..
well... let's just say sarcasm don't do me much honey :|

senior : "wah lawa kad matrix. kad baru ek ? "
sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm -___-'
sabar je la :)

it's normal to feel unsatisfied when somebody took your picture instead of yourself.
but i don't really expect much.
i mean it's just a matrix card -__-'

but i'm not saying as if i'm not proud of getting it :D
cause i am X)
muahaha, yes people.
i'm still new to this X)

can i just say,
i have been participating in KRS ever since i was 10 years old.
so when i found out that i was one of the selected ones to be in Kesatria,
i was quite.. well disappointed ?
sorta.. kinda -__-'

and they take it really serious here -__-'

and why it has to be on Tuesday ?

long story short, i honestly hate Tuesday.
and Sunday.
but i hate Tuesday more :P
i frequently wish that it will always rain on tuesday evening -__-'

not only the schedule are packed on tuesday, but the break from one class to another are sooo... -__-'
short ?
it doesn't even feel like break ? :/

but but but ! i am also grateful that i don't have class at night.
at least after i'm done with the co-curriculum, i can rest soundly without hurrying to my next class X)

bad luck to those who have class though :)
don't worry, that means you guys are stronger than me ! :D

oh well,
i'll post the review of what happen on my first week of lecturers.
and if you think on the first week of lecturers, i didn't get any assignments, WELL :)


most of my friends who are now in part 2 kept telling how first week of lecturers are boring.
oooohhh boy.
you need to eat more vitamins.
cause my life ain't as lucky as you are X)

ok ok, i'm really tired.
good nite.


oh oh and it's nice to have pasar malam in UiTM twice a week.
at least we can get to eat decent food around here.
and dude, the spaghetti is deli-tasty-cious! haha
queeny, be very jealous :P

muahaha XD

don't worry jojot.
there'll be a post where you will get jealous.
muahaha XD

oh good night LENDU :)

ps; theo, aimi.
it's an honoured to be a great listener to you guys :)

single and staying with that :)


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 8:48 PM
Posted by — Fasya Ibrahim.
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